[act-ma] 2/16 From Somalia to Darfur: US Imperialism Tightens Grip on Africa

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Thu Feb 15 03:56:35 PST 2007

        The Militant Labor Forum presents:

>From Somalia to Darfur: US Imperialism Tightens Its
Grip On Africa
    The January air attack by US forces on
anti-government fighters in Somalia catapulted
Washington’s involvement in Africa into media
headlines once again.
    However, most important to working people and
other fighters for social justice, US imperialism’s
determination to extend its quest for global
domination to Africa is a permanent feature both of
its “long war against terror” andof the restructuring
of its world-wide military footprint.
    At stake for the imperialist ruling families of
the US is control over the vast natural resources of
an entire continent. And of growing importance within
that overall framework to US imperialists and their
European and Japanese rivals are the vast oil reserves
in western Africa and Sudan.  
    Come discuss the stakes for working people in
opposing US intervention on the African continent and
the road forward for workers and farmers in Africa.

Speaker: Betsy Farley, Socialist Workers Party
  Friday, February 16, 7:30 pmMilitant Labor Forum
Hall, 13 Bennington Street, 2nd Floor, East Boston    
        Suggested donation: $5 For more information
call 617-569-9169  Traducción inglés-español /
español-inglés       T Blue Line to Maverick Station,
bus or walk 5 blocks down Meridian to Bennington at
Liberty Plaza 
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