[act-ma] Statement in Solidarity with Immigrant Workers in New Bedford, MA

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Wed Mar 7 17:59:26 PST 2007

*Statement in Solidarity with Immigrant Workers in New Bedford, MA

Release all Immigrant Workers Detained by ICE!
Stop the Raids & Deportations Now!
Legalization for ALL Immigrants!*

We the undersigned uncategorically denounce the Immigration and Customs 
Enforcement (ICE) raid and detention of at least 350 immigrant workers 
at Michael Bianco Inc. in New Bedford, MA. which took place the morning 
of Tuesday, March 6, 2007.  We stand firmly in solidarity with our 
sisters and brothers in all immigrant communities and demand the 
immediate release of all who have been detained by ICE.  Further, we 
demand an immediate end to these raids and deportations of immigrant 
workers and the reunification of their families.

These workers, mostly women from Guatemala and El Salvador, who had been 
forced to leave their countries because of the economic havoc caused by 
NAFTA, CAFTA and FTA, were trying to make a living and provide food and 
shelter for their families.  Many have children who were attending local 
day centers and schools at the time of the raid.  These children who are 
now separated from at least one parent face the terror of not knowing 
what is happening and when their families will be reunited.  Let's be 
clear, this raid has nothing to do with the working conditions at this 
company.  If the government is so concerned about the conditions that 
immigrant workers are forced to endure than they should immediately pass 
legislation protecting their rights.  This racist, terrorist raid by 
federal agents and supported by state and local agencies is just the 
latest attempt by the US government to criminalize, scapegoat and force 
immigrant workers and their families into the shadows of society where 
they can be super-exploited with no rights.

It comes as no surprise that the number of raids and the publicity of 
those raids have increased since last years historic demonstrations of 
millions of immigrant workers and their supporters that filled the 
streets cities and towns throughout the country.  This year immigrant 
rights organizations throughout the Americas have called for "The Great 
American Boycott II" to take place on May 1, 2007 to demand 
"Legalization for all Immigrants", "Stop the Raids and Deportations", 
"Protect Workers Rights".  For more information on May 1st activities 
please visit maydaymovement.blogspot.com.
Chuck Turner, Boston City Council District 7*

Most Rev. Filipe C Teixeira, OFSJC
    Northeastern Diocese of Saint Francis of Assisi, CCA*

Javier Rodriguez, National May 1st Movement for Workers and Immigrant 

Yvette Modestin, Matahari/Eye of the Day*

Frantz Mendes, President, USW L. 8751, Boston School Bus Drivers*

MLK Jr. Bolivarian Circle

New England Human Rights Organization for Haiti

Teresa Gutierez, NY May 1st Coalition*

International Action Center

Women's Fightback Network

Edward Childs, Chief Steward Unite/HERE L. 26*
* id only

International Action Center

iacboston at iacboston.org

National Office:

Troops Out Now Coalition

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