[act-ma] 3/19 Light Up The Longfellow (Vigil for Peace) [MON: 6:30pm]

James in Cambridge tompaine at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 18 17:52:55 PDT 2007

Light Up The Longfellow (Vigil for Peace)

The Longfellow Bridge
Monday, 19 Mar 2007, 6:30 PM
Come be a part of a large, beautiful, peaceful candlelight vigil spanning 
across the Longfellow Bridge! Let’s make our desire for Peace - and an end 
to the Iraq War - visible. Bring 5 friends, a wind-proof source of light, 
and help us get on the 11 o’clock news. We will meet towards the middle of 
the Bridge at 6:30 pm, and at 7pm, we will “Light up the Longfellow.” You 
need only bring a source of light that can withstand the breeze - such as a 
flashlight, lantern, or candle in a cut-out plastic bottle. Bring extra if 
you have any and we’ll all share. The Bridge is between the Charles/MGH and 
Kendall T stops on the Red Line and is wheelchair accessible. (Charles/MGH 
stop is closer.)

[This event is being organized by persons affiliated with the MoveOn 
organization.  James]

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