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I thought you would  want to know about the upcoming issue of Peacework 
Magazine, and possibly order  a copy, or copies in Bulk. Please spread the word. I 
think it is going to be  great. I am sending this around for the Peacework 
editors, who I work with at  AFSC Nancy Wechsler 
Special Marriage Equality Issue of  Peacework Magazine - Order Bulk Before 
March 23, 2007 
Peacework Magazine announces an  offer to pre-order FREE copies of its 
special April issue on Marriage Equality  organizing! See below for a few 
highlights. A great teaching and organizing  resource not only for your community's work 
on marriage equality, but also for  grassroots efforts on other issues as 
well, with experienced leaders and  activists sharing frankly their thoughts on 
strategy, principles, and visions in  the LGBT civil rights movement. To 
pre-order bulk copies, send an e-mail to _sburke at afsc.org_ (mailto:sburke at afsc.org)  
with your name,  address, and how many copies you would like. We will charge 
you only for  shipping, at twenty cents per copy. We will ship orders by UPS 
starting on April  1. Orders received by March 23 guaranteed, and after that 
will be handled in  order until we run out of copies. Make checks payable to 
AFSC-Peacework, put  "April issue" in the memo line or an accompanying note, and 
send to AFSC,  2161 Mass. Ave.,  Cambridge MA  02140. If you wish to  use a 
credit card, please call us at 617/661-6130. 
Peacework Magazine’s April 2007  Special Issue: THE POLITICS OF ENGAGEMENT: 
Excerpts from the Table of  Contents: 
The Perfect Storm: Why  Progressives Must Reframe the Narrow Terms of 
Marriage Politics by Kay  Whitlock 
"It’s time to create new terms of  debate - and new strategic approaches that 
address the needs of diverse  households and communities, regardless of race, 
citizenship status, sexual  orientation, gender/gender identity, or class. " 
Never Underestimate the Power of  Love: An  Interview with Mandy Carter 
"In the marriage equality  movement, a lot depends on what door people came 
through to get there. If the  door only says 'Gay,' then that’s all people look 
for in the movement. I came  through the door marked 'Equality and Justice 
for All.'" 
The Anatomy of a Movement:  Dissecting Arizona’s Victory Against Proposition 
107, by Kent  Burbank 
"While the campaign succeeded, the  election was very close... Rather than 
waiting until we are faced with a crisis  and relying on individual states to 
create makeshift campaigns, what if we  shifted our efforts to create a 
longer-range vision and plan for the movement?  What if we invested in strategies and 
campaigns that effect lasting, long-term  changes in attitudes about LGBT 
people and their  families?" 
Mass. Marriages and Mass  Movements, by Sue  Hyde 
"MassEquality’s work to defeat the  anti-marriage amendment steams ahead with 
a goal of winning in the Massachusetts  legislature. A win will deny the 
anti-gay industry what it most wants: a  referendum on gay marriage in the only 
state that has it. But there is another  reason that we must win in 
Massachusetts: If we do not defeat the  anti-marriage amendment here, what other state 
legislative bodies will take the  political risks of standing in support of gay 
Promoting Marriage to Cure  Poverty, by Jean  Hardisty 
"Rather than a benign  intervention, federally funded marriage promotion is 
ideologically-driven  experimentation with the lives of low-income people. It 
is clear that, in the  fight to end poverty, ideology often trumps facts." 
Victory for Homeless Domestic  Partners, by the  NYC group Queers for 
Economic Justice 
"Due to the hard work of many  community members and organizations, the 
Department of Homeless Services has  finally changed its domestic partner policy: 
As of February 1st, homeless  couples who have registered with the City Clerk 
as domestic partners will be  sheltered as families in the same way as married 
couples. This policy will apply  to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples." 
Sara  Burke, Co-Editor 
Peacework Magazine 
American Friends Service  Committee 
2161 Massachusetts  Ave. 
Cambridge, MA 02140 

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