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Burnt By The Sun
Free Screening

Wednesday, April 4

Russia, 1936: revolutionary hero Colonel Kotov is
spending an idyllic summer in his dacha
with his young wife and six-year-old daughter Nadia
and other assorted family and
friends. Things change dramatically with the
unheralded arrival of Cousin Dmitri from
Moscow, who charms the women and little Nadia with his
games and pianistic bravura. But
Kotov isn't fooled: this is the time of Stalin's
repression, with telephone calls in the
middle of the night spelling doom - and he knows that
Dmitri isn't paying a social call.

1994. 152 min. Russian.

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Upcoming Films

April 11: Eat The Rich (1987)

Alex is a disgruntled waitress at a snobby exclusive
restaurant who falls on hard times. Forced to deal
with the contempt and disgust of the upper class, Alex
& cohorts attempt to go on a rampage. Meanwhile,
General Karprov and Spider plot to involve the inept
anarchists into their plans to derail the
prime-minister-to-be's campaign.

The film features a number of cameos including
appearances from the likes of Miranda Richardson and
Nigel Planer as vile DHSS clerks, Robbie Coltrane as
the ultimate yuppie, Rik Mayall as a union boss, Paul
McCartney, Shane MacGowan, Jennifer Saunders, Kathy
Burke, Koo Stark, Dawn French, Bill Wyman, Jools
Holland, Adrian Edmondson and Lemmy.

90 min. UK.

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