[act-ma] 4/13 Fight for Women's Rights

Boston Militant Labor Forum bostonmlf at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 10 17:25:17 PDT 2007

The Militant Labor Forum presents:
  Women's Liberation and the Line of March of the
Working Class

  As a new generation of women takes up the fight to
defend women's rights, a new fighting layer of the
working class is learning to see defense of women's
rights as inseparable from the fight to defend the
rights of all and the interests of workers.
  These new fighters know that women's oppression is
not a thing of the past and they are confronting
fundamental questions :
  Why are women oppressed? How did that oppression
begin? Why are opponents of women's rights so
determined to perpetuate laws and customs that deny
women an equal role in society? Who benefits from
women’s oppression? What social forces have the power
to end it?

Come discuss these and other questions at this week's
Militant Labor Forum.

  Speaker: Betsy Farley, Socialist Workers Party
Friday, April 13 Dinner 6:30pm - Program 7:30pm      
Militant Labor Forum Hall
  13 Bennington Street 2nd Floor East Boston
  Suggested Donation Program $5 - Dinner $5
  Translation into Spanish
  For more information: 
  call 617-569-9169 or e-mail bostonmlf at yahoo.com
  T Blue line to Maverick Station. Bus or walk 5
blocks down Meridian To Bennington at Liberty Plaza
  Visit www.pathfinderpress.com  www.themilitant.com

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