[act-ma] 4/29 2nd Meeting of Boston-Area Latin America & Caribbean Solidarity Coalition! (Sun)

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Tue Apr 24 13:45:34 PDT 2007

     Announcing the Second Meeting of Boston-Area Latin America &
     Caribbean Solidarity Coalition!

     Join in the creation of a new Boston international solidarity movement!

     WHEN:  Sunday, April 29^th at 2-4pm

     WHERE:  141 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA  [directions at the end of
     this message]

     WHO IS INVITED:  All organizations in the Greater Boston area that
     support Latin American and Caribbean independence and the rights of
     immigrant communities in the United States.  (please send no more
     that 2 representatives per group)

--please RSVP to shane stewart <toastwar at hotmail.com>

     Please forward this announcement to representatives of organizations
     that you think might want to participate.

       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

     Solidarity Activistas!

     We are witnessing in Latin America a historic era of unprecedented
     cooperation and solidarity in confronting U.S. dominance.

     At the first coalition meeting on March 17^th 10 organizations
     participated in a discussion that highlighted the necessity for
     U.S.-based solidarity groups to stand together in a concrete way to
     defend the movements for positive change in Latin America and the
     Caribbean!  The enemies of social justice are united therefore we
     will also unite in countering the imperialistic policies of the
     U.S.…but how?

     In March we began to define the coalition structure, how it will
     function, and how we will decide the strategic focus of our work
     (Please see attached notes from that meeting).  In this second
     meeting we have proposed the following agenda:

     Proposed Meeting Agenda—2 hrs

         * Welcome, assign roles, intros (5 mins)
         * Update/Analysis of Latin America, Caribbean, & related U.S.
           policy (15 mins)
         * Coalition Proposal:  Discuss, modify, & pass a proposal
           defining coalition objectives, structure, and how it will
           function (40 mins)
         * Discussion of what makes a good campaign? (15 mins)
         * Discuss possible specific campaigns & solicit organizations to
           volunteer to prepare campaign proposals for next meeting (20 
         * Discuss other possible coalition projects that would help
           facilitate our work (listserv, newsletter, website, etc) (10
         * Miscellaneous- Decide on coalition name, What other
           organizations should we reach out to (5 mins)
         * Next Steps (Review Responsibilities, Next Meeting, etc) (5 mins)

     Based on our discussion of our vision for the coalition we have
     produced a proposal.  Please distribute and discuss this proposal
     with your committees and be prepared to present your criticisms and
     suggested changes at the meeting.

     *NOTE:  If you require Spanish-English translation, please let us
     know ahead of time.*

     We will be sending out a spanish version of the announcement shortly.

     Included in this message:

     àNotes from 1^st Meeting

     àContact list (from previous meeting)

     àCoalition Proposal (Rationale, Objectives, Structure & Functioning)
     àDirections to meeting

     Please RSVP (with the name of your organization/group).  If you have
     any questions, please feel free to contact me.  See you all on the 

     In Solidarity,

     Shane Stewart

     Boston CISPES [Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador]

     _toastwar at hotmail.com_ <mailto:toastwar at hotmail.com>

     (718) 757-7323

     p.s.-This is your new coalition listserv for
     facilitating communication between coalition member organizations on
     issues directly related to our work and that of the coalition.

     **Meeting Directions**
     The house is very close to the red line Porter Square T stop, near
     the intersection of Oxford and Beacon St on the Cambridge-Somerville

     Coming from Porter T:
     Take a hard right after emerging from the the T station. Follow the
     train tracks to a bridge, cross the bridge and the house will be the
     about the
     second building on the street.

     Coming by car:
     A few blocks south of Porter Square on Mass Ave, turn onto Forest St
     (it's a one way), take the second left onto Oxford St. and the house
     will be
     near the corner of Oxford & Forest.

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