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  With Guest Speaker: LEE SUSTAR
  writer for Socialist Worker newspaper and co-editor of Poetry and Protest: A Dennis Brutus Reader
  Every so often -- usually after a period of economic instability and crisis that has given way to stabilization and growth -- some talking-head comes along and declares that Marxism is dead and capitalism is the final form of human fulfillment.
  A variety of arguments are put forward as evidence: that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels predicted that capitalism would collapse, and it hasn't; that the fall of the Berlin Wall exposed the failure of Marxism; that class struggle can't survive in a world of cable television, the Internet, and SUVs.
  Yet every generation -- whether it be the workers of the great union struggles of the 1930s, student radicals in the 1960s or millions who struggled to overthrow apartheid or who joined the Solidarity resistance movement against Stalinist Poland -- havce rediscovered the "buried" ideas of Marxism as a way to understand the world around them.
  Again and again, the ideas of Karl Marx have gained a mass audience as people have fought to change their world into a more just and equitable one.  Join us for a discussion of Marx's legacy and how these ideas can provide a way to undestand the callenges of our generation.  Because the goal is not simply to understand the world, but to change it.
  Thursday, May 3, 6:30pm  
  Curtis Hall Community Center
  20 South Street, Jamaica Plain
  (Take the #39 bus to the Monument.  Or take the Orange Line to Green Street station, 
  exit station and walk up Green Street, toward Centre Street, and take a left to get to South Street).
  Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization
  isoboston at yahoo.com
  Socialism 2007: Socialism for the 21st Century
June 14-17, 2007 Chicago

Join John Pilger, Amy Goodman, Dahr Jamail, Dave Zirin, Anthony Arnove, Sharon Smith, Laura Flanders, Dr. John Carlos, Jeff St. Clair, IVAW's Kelly Dougherty, and a host of other speakers at Socialism 2007, and participate in the discussion over the future of radical and socialist politics in the 21st Century. 

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