[act-ma] 5/17 -Bus: Mumia in Philadelphia

Jeff Manzelli jeff at freemanz.com
Wed May 2 23:29:13 PDT 2007

Hey everyone,
    So Jericho Boston got a bus to go down to Mumia's court date, and 
want to know if any of us want to go. All the information is in an 
email from Myriam below. Please let me know if you're interested ASAP 
or if you need more info,

>Hi Jake
>Jericho is getting a bus down to Philly for Mumia's Court Date on 
>May 17.  This is a very important day for him and we need to 
>mobilize as many people as we can to get there.  We reserved a 50 
>passenger bus.  Please contact your people and let me know how many 
>folks want to come.  The bus is really expensive, but Jericho is 
>putting some money down so that passangers only pay $30 roundtrip.

>We leave Wednesday, April 16 at Midnight from Boston, get to Philly 
>in the morning.  Stay in Philly all day and drive back after court 
>is over.  We would be back the 17 by midnight.  This is important to 
>tell people in case they think they would need to take days off of 
>http://baamboston.org * http://baamboston.org/abc.html

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