[act-ma] 5/15, Tue, James Carroll Speaks, and PeaceWorks Birthday Party!

Amy Hendrickson amyh at texnology.com
Sun May 6 14:54:58 PDT 2007

Brookline PeaceWorks Presents:

Boston Globe Columnist,
National Book Award Winner, Peace Advocate

James Carroll
                   Tuesday May 15
                          7 pm
                                                   All Saints Church
                                                   1773 Beacon, Brookline
                                                       Corner of Beacon and
Dean Road

Cleveland Circle Green line T

free, contributions welcome

How We Got Into the War on IRAQ

Based on his newly released book

House Of War
The Pentagon and the Disastrous
Rise of American Power

He argues that "in the nuclear age, civilian oversight of
American military policy had become largely mythical," that the Pentagon
had "Congress in its thrall and presidents at its mercy."

...today, though we no longer face an enemy that poses an
existential threat to the nation, we're needlessly maintaining
a military force that is more dangerous than any other force
in the world, capable of instantly destroying all life on the

...we have not begun to reckon at all with the nonsense of
American policies toward nuclear weapons today -- the fact
that we're resuming their production even now, that we
continue to threaten their use even now.

How can these questions be so unreckoned with?

Meet James Carroll, Discussion
Book signing.

Birthday cake celebrating PeaceWorks'
five years of antiwar activism

peace at texnology.com
617 738-8029

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