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(read below for more details)

1) Radical Film Night: Hearts And Minds
--> Wed Jul 4, 7pm

2) Do-It Ourselves: Radical Urban Sustainability
Skillshare Network
--> Thu Jul 5, 7pm

3) Radical Film Night: Sierra Leone's Refugee All
--> Wed Jul 11, 7pm

4) Radical Film Night: Judith Butler: Philosophical
Encounters Of The Third Kind
--> Wed Jul 18, 7pm

5) Radical Film Night: B.I.K.E.
--> Wed Aug 8, 7pm

6) ongoing events

~ All LPC events are free and open to the public
(though donations are greatly appreciated). If you
have any questions, call us at (617) 267-6272. For
info about who we are, how to host an event, how to
become a collective member or how to get to the LPC,
please read the end of this email. ~


Radical Film Night: Hearts And Minds
(Wed Jul 4, 7pm)

A courageous and startling film, Peter Davis' landmark
documentary Hearts and Minds unflinchingly confronts
the United States' involvement in Vietnam. Using a
wealth of sources—from interviews to newsreels to
documentary footage of the conflict at home and
abroad—Davis constructs a powerfully affecting
portrait of the disastrous effects of war. Explosive,
persuasive, and shocking, Hearts and Minds is an
overwhelming emotional experience and the
controversial winner of the 1974 Academy Award for
Best Documentary.

Do-It Ourselves: Radical Urban Sustainability
Skillshare Network
(Thu Jul 5, 7pm)

July topic: Participants are encouraged to talk about
a sustainability project or system (something you
made, grew, adapted yourself) or ask for help or
suggestion on something you would like to do.


Radical Film Night: Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars
(Wed Jul 11, 7pm)

This award winning film chronicles the life of Sierra
Leone's Refugee All Stars, a group of six Sierra
Leonean musicians who come together to form a band
while living as refugees in the Republic of Guinea.
Forced from their homes in Sierra Leone, the members
of the band represent the thousands of untold stories
that exist amongst the survivors of the Sierra Leonean
civil war.


Radical Film Night: Judith Butler: Philosophical
Encounters Of The Third Kind
(Wed Jul 18, 7pm)

Author of the best-seller Gender Trouble: Feminism and
the Subversion of Identity, Judith Butler is one of
the world's most important and influential
contemporary thinkers in fields such as continental
philosophy, literary theory, feminist and queer
theory, and cultural politics. JUDITH BUTLER:
Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind is an
up-close and personal encounter with this educator and
author. The film features interviews with Butler -
including reminiscences of her formative childhood
years, illustrated by family home movies, as a
"problem child"-shows her in classroom sessions in
Berkeley and Paris, at public speaking engagements,
and in discussion with Gender Studies professor
Isabell Lorey.


Radical Film Night: B.I.K.E.
(Wed Aug 8, 7pm)

Driven by anti-materialism and a belief that the
impending apocalypse will render cars useless and
leave bicycles in power, Black Label Bike Club (BLBC)
battles mainstream consumer culture and rival gangs
for its vision of a better tomorrow. Pulling threads
from Critical Mass and the wider bike counterculture,
B.I.K.E. explores such themes as radical politics,
personal artistic vision, global responsibility,
relationships, group formation, and perhaps most
prominently, pain and love.

There are several ongoing events hosted at the Lucy
Parsons Center:

Radical Film Night
every Wednesday, 7pm
upcoming: July 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th

Industrial Workers Of The World meeting
second Sunday of each month, 2pm
upcoming: July 8th

Animal Defense League meeting
every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month, 7pm
upcoming: July 9th and 23rd

BAAM meeting
first Tuesday of each month, 7pm
upcoming: August 7th

Do-It Ourselves: Radical Urban Sustainability
Skillshare Network
first Thursday of each month, 7pm
upcoming: July 5th, August 2nd

Socialist Party Of Boston
last Sunday of each month, 12pm
upcoming: July 29th

Binary Freedom
second Thursday of each month, 7pm
first meeting: July 12th

Please see the calendar at our web site for
descriptions: http://lucyparsons.org/calendar.php


+++ Where are we?

Lucy Parsons Center
549 Columbus Avenue
Boston's South End
Telephone: (617) 267-6272
Email: lucyparsons at tao.ca
web: www.lucyparsons.org

+++ What are we?

The Lucy Parsons Center, Boston's collectively run
radical bookstore features an extensive selection
of radical books and magazines, internet access,
space for talks and meetings, and free movies
Wednesday nights. Located at 549 Columbus Avenue
in the South End the store is just down from Mass
Ave and easily reached from the Mass Ave and
Symphony T stations and the #1 bus. Regular store
hours 12-9pm every day.

+++ Volunteer

Volunteering at LPC isn't just about donating your
labor. All of the Lucy Parsons Center volunteers
contribute to all aspects of running the store and
can take part in all decisions in how it's run.
If you know anything about grant writing, web
design, or any other skills you think would be
useful, or if you just want to be part of this
great radical project, please email us at
volunteer at lucyparsons.org

+++ Use our space for radical stuff

One of the most important apects of the Lucy
Parsons Center is providing a community meeting
place for radical activities. If you want to host
an event, please send an email to us at
events at lucyparsons.org. Make sure to give enough
notice so that we can approve the event at our
bimonthly meetings.

If you have a group that needs a space to have
regular meetings, just come to the bookstore and
fill out a space request form. Again, make sure to
allow time for approval by the collective.

+++ Donate MONEY!

We need support to help ensure the Lucy Parsons
Center continues to grow and be an important
resource for the community. Please consider
becoming a monthly supporter with a regular
monthly donation of whatever you are able.
Don't forget we have 501(c)3 status, so all
donations to the LPC are tax deductable (meaning
less money for the government!). Please call the
store or email donations at lucyparsons.org if you
interested in making a donation or donate online
through Network For Good
And if you don't
have a lot, don't worry, even donating the change
of your purchase can make a difference.


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