[act-ma] EVENT TODAY 7/25: Davis Sq. "Impeach War Criminals!/End the War Now!"

Joseph G. Ramsey joseph.ramsey at tufts.edu
Wed Jul 25 10:16:26 PDT 2007

[REMINDER...come if you can...and bring friends...:]
> Sick and tired of the war, the White House war-mongers, and of a 
> Congressional "opposition" that refuses to take these war-criminals 
> down (via impeachment), even when a majority of Americans want them 
> to?!
> Join the Davis Square End the War Committee, activists from 
> Massachusetts Impeach and Bostonians for the Overthrow of King 
> George, and others in the heart of Davis Square, Somerville, TODAY, 
> Wednesday, 25th for a rush-hour rally and "Honk-Out" as we demand 
> that Congress:
> Wednesday, July 25th.
> approximately 5-7pm (or until the end of rush-hour)
> (in the heart of Davis Square, accross from the Somerville Theatre)
> IMPORTANT NOTE: Following the "Honk-Out" we will be holding an open 
> community anti-war/pro-impeachment committee meeting, at 7:15 or 7:30 
> (depending on traffic).  The location of this meeting is tba, from 
> the rally.  (Most likely it will be in Mr. Crepes, across the street 
> from the demo.)
> Bring noisemakers, wear orange (for impeachment!), and/or make signs 
> calling for passing traffic to "Honk to Impeach Dick Cheney!"  "Honk 
> to Overthrow King George!"  and "Honk to End the War Now!" etc.  
> Let's show the local media, the politicians, and community at large 
> how Bostonians feel about impeachment and the war!  (We will also be 
> distributing literature and gathering support for impeachment and the 
> anti-war movement from locals in the area during the rally.)
> In light of the growing public support for impeaching George W. Bush 
> (recent polls show 45% in favor), and Dick Cheney (same poll shows 
> 54%--a majority!--in favor), and the general collapse of public 
> support for the ongoing criminal US war and occupation of Iraq, we 
> believe that it's well-past time for some hell-razing, as well as 
> some local outreach to get more people actively involved in the 
> movement to impeach Cheney and Bush, to end the war in Iraq, as well 
> as to prevent a US attack on Iran in the months ahead.  Positive 
> (anti-war, anti-Bush) poll numbers are not enough!  We need to 
> activate and organize our communities against these war 
> criminals...before they get the chance to act again.
> (For more on the _still_ looming Cheney-led U.S. conspiracy to attack 
> Iran, see www.antiwar.com.)
> Among other materials, we will be distributing fliers encouraging 
> local residents to demand that their Congressional representatives 
> support Dennis Kucinich's pending Cheney-impeachment legislation H.R. 
> 333.  Can't make it to the rally?  You can still call Rep. Michael 
> Capuano (Somerville and Cambridge) at 202-225-5111 or 617-621-6208.  
> Demand that he support impeachment!
> Our Davis Square "Honk-Out" is further scheduled to coincide with 
> Cindy Sheehan's recently announcement that she will challenge Speaker 
> of the House Nancy Pelosi in her 2008 election, in part for keeping 
> impeachment "off the table.."

Let's help the movement for Impeachment to get maximum exposure!
> (Visit www.afterdowningstreet.org for more informaiton on Cindy 
> Sheehan's July 23rd action.)
> Also for more info on why it's important to remove Bush and Cheney 
> from office NOW, see www.worldcantwait.org, as well as 
> www.counterpunch.org.
> See you in the Square,
> Joe Ramsey
> Davis Square End the War
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