[act-ma] New Event: Honk-to-Impeach goes to Copley Sq. !!

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Wed Jul 25 15:30:12 PDT 2007

Announcing a new event for Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George!!

What: Honk-to-Impeach goes to Copley Sq. !!

When: Thursday, July 26, 6:00PM - 8:00 PM

Where: Copley Sq.

Event Description: Sick and tired of the war, the White House 
war-mongers, and fed
up with a Congressional "opposition" that refuses to take these
war-criminals down (via impeachment), even when a majority of
Americans want them to?!

Please join us on Copley Sq. for a rush-hour rally /"Honk-Out" as we 
demand that Congress:

"Impeach the War Criminals and End the War, Now!"

Bring noisemakers, wear orange (for impeachment!), and make
signs calling for passing traffic to "Honk to Impeach Dick
Cheney!" "Honk to Overthrow King George!" and "Honk to End the
War Now!" Let's show the local media, the politicians, and
community at large how Bostonians feel about impeachment and
the war! (We will also be distributing literature and gathering
support for impeachment and the anti-war movement from locals
in the area during the rally.)

In light of the growing public support for impeaching George W.
Bush (recent polls show 45% in favor), and Dick Cheney (same
poll shows 54%--a majority!--in favor), and the general
collapse of public support for the ongoing criminal US war and
occupation of Iraq, we believe that it's well-past time for
some hell-razing, as well as some local outreach to get more
people actively involved in the movement to impeach Cheney and
Bush, to end the war in Iraq, as well as to prevent a US attack
on Iran in the 18 months ahead. Positive (anti-war, anti-Bush)
poll numbers are not enough! We need to activate and organize
our communities against these war criminals...before they get
the chance to act again.

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