[act-ma] REMINDER: Antiwar Dinner - Friday at 7:00 PM

Bryan Koulouris brykoulouris at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 20 11:26:57 PDT 2007

 Friday at 7:00 PM
> Antiwar Dinner and Fundraiser for the 
> Sickout/Walkout Coalition
> Friday, September 21st, 7:00 PM
> Encuentro 5 
> 33 Harrison Avenue, 5th Floor
> Boston 
> (Chinatown stop on the Orange line or Boylston stop
> on the Green line)


> Who are they kidding? Everyone in Washington is
> blaming someone else for the
> debacle in Iraq. Bush and the Republicans blame
> "terrorists and extremists"
> (al Qaeda). The Democrats blame the Republicans even
> though they are in the
> majority. In fact, we have been lied to. Millions of
> Iraqis just don't want
> their country to be a client state taking orders
> from Washington, pure and
> simple. This is the root cause of their debacle
> which can only be resolved
> with the immediate withdrawal of all occupation
> forces. This war has nothing
> to do with defending our safety or security or
> "spreading democracy". The
> war makers in Washington are on a campaign to
> privatize the oil resources of
> Iraq and dominate the politics of the Middle East. 
> There is a growing awareness throughout the country
> that if we wait for the
> politicians, the war and occupation will never end.
> Funding the war is
> killing the troops and Iraqi people. A vote of 50%
> plus one in just one
> branch of Congress could end funding for the
> occupation and force the
> evacuation of all U.S. forces. They want to continue
> this war and over time
> We can force it to end if all of us who oppose it
> take united mass action.
> This is their war, not ours! 
> As students, so many of us face the prospect of dead
> end "McJobs" when we
> graduate. We are conditioned to feel a sense of
> powerlessness in the face of
> the real problems that exist in the real world. The
> mercenary values
> promoted by all the leading social institutions
> teach us to "get ahead" and
> "look out for number one". For college students
> facing a lifetime of college
> debt, ROTC is offered as a "cost-free" alternative.
> For high school
> students, the military is offered as a career option
> for "serving the
> country". With the realization that Congress will
> act to continue the war,
> the time for us to act is NOW! Grassroots strategies
> are being discussed to
> bring students out of their classes and into the
> streets this Fall. We are
> making a difference!
> Working people have nothing to gain and everything
> to lose from the war. Our
> taxes pay for every bloody crime committed. It is
> our sisters and brothers,
> and our sons and daughters that die and are injured
> in their scheme of
> domination. We are expected to spill the blood of
> other working people who
> have done us no harm. We are expected to bear the
> mass lay-offs, shredding
> of our democratic rights, and violations of our
> privacy and dignity. We are
> expected to bear our share of "sacrifice" - which is
> usually the entire
> weight. We are expected to sit down, shut up and be
> obedient. We are NOT
> expected to understand that we as workers are the
> overwhelming majority and
> that if we unite we have the power to stop the war
> and massively shift the
> political agenda in this country to serve our needs
> and interests.
> Please join us for dinner where we can relax and
> discuss the October 26th
> Sickout/Walkout and other upcoming activities for
> the Fall. 
> Suggested Donation: $10.00
> www.boston.sowoco.org
> <http://www.boston.sowoco.org/>
> 617-482-3090
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