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October 5: National Campus Day of Action for Burma
      Brave university and high school students inside Burma are working closely with monks in leading peaceful protests throughout Burma. On September 29th, there was a massacre at State High School No.2, Tamwe in Rangoon. Reports have confirmed that an estimated 50-100 students and parents were killed. Is your university supporting the military dictatorship?
      We need a ground swell of support and action! We urge schools across the country to show their solidarity with students inside Burma and organize a Saffron Revolution Solidarity event for Friday, Oct. 5th. Click Here to Sign Up <http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?key=427734338&url_num=1&url=http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/1189/t/3074/event/distributedEventSignup.jsp?distributed_event_KEY%3D326> 
      Actions to take:
      1) SIGNATURES - Collect as many people as you can to sign a petition to Chinese President Hu Jintao demanding China stop paralyzing UN Security Council action and use their leverage with Burma's military regime to stop the massacre inside Burma(You can find the petition to download online here <http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?key=427734338&url_num=2&url=http://www.uscampaignforburma.org/action/action.html> )
      2) WEAR RED - Have everyone on your campus wear red as a sign of solidarity with monks peacefully protesting in Burma
      3) EDUCATE - Organize a rally, speaker, silent march, candle light vigil, or hold a film screening on the that day
      4) ACT- Pass a resolution to get your University to use it's shareholder power to convince companies to stop doing business in Burma.
      WHY we are doing it:
      1) To raise awareness on campus and in the surrounding area about the protests in Burma
      2) To give support to those risking their lives and peacefully protesting inside Burma; the Burmese hear about our protests through satellite radio
      3) To put pressure on China to take action on Burma. China is starting to respond due to the international outcry; we need to get more people involved to keep up the pressure.
      HOW to get students on your campus involved:
      1) Start a Facebook event. Invite everyone. We already have a national Facebook event up- National Campus Day of Action for Burma
      2) Send out emails to all listserves available and ask your friends to do the same
      3) Put up banners, posters, dormslips, tableslips all around campus (we have provided these. Read below)
      4) Set up tables on main quads and outside dining halls to collect signatures for the petition and hand out Burma "quick fact sheets"
      5) Pass out red duct tape and red ribbons at tables to start raising awareness during the week, along with fact sheets
      6) Work with other groups on campus to get the word out (Amnesty, STAND, other social justice networks)
      7) Make sure to contact the local and regional press. This is crucial. Contact your school newspaper, alumni publications, town/city newspapers, AP, Reuters, local TV stations, and local radio stations.
      8) Make sure the students know why they are wearing red by having speakers who explain the situation in Burma
      9) Get professors, school departments, and school administration involved
      Website for Campus Day of Action:
      1) We have made a webpage for this Friday's Burma days: www.studentsforburma.org. <http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?key=427734338&url_num=3&url=http://studentsforburma.tiddlyspot.com>  
      2) On the webpage you can download posters, tableslips/handbills, and "Burma quick fact sheets" to post around campu
      Last Friday, half a dozen USCB university chapters had "red days." At Brown University in Providence, RI, over 2,500 students wore red—nearly half the student body. At noon, 400+ students gathered for a silent march around the main quad in a sea of red. Former US Senator Lincoln Chafee and former Brazilian President Fernando Cardoso addressed the crowd. 
      You can do the same exact thing on your campus. And we need you to do this Friday. We do not have time to waste. The junta has already killed hundreds of people, including 50 unarmed students, and hundreds of monks. Stand up and take action this Friday.              
      -Thelma Young
Support 1991 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi and the struggle for freedom and democracy in Burma. 
      become a member of the United States Campaign for Burma today. <http://salsa.democracyinaction.org/dia/track.jsp?key=427734338&url_num=4&url=http://www.uscampaignforburma.org/join/joinnow.html>  
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