[act-ma] red and black aliance, socialist/anarchist and communist united for October 27 nation wide mobilizations!

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Mon Oct 15 12:02:38 PDT 2007

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On October 27th thousands of people will take to the streets in NYC to
oppose the unjust and brutal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. As anarchists
we stand in complete solidarity with the working people of all nations
and deplore the horrors committed in our names upon the people of Iraq
and Afghanistan. We invite all anarchist, anti-capitalist,
anti-authoritarian forces to join together with our fellow workers in a
Red and Black contingent on October 27.

We believe as class struggle anarchists that mass action by the working
class is the way to end the war and win the society that we wish to see.
To this end it is essential that anarchism is seen as a vibrant and
coherent political program by working people. And anarchists must
continue and increase our involvement in workplace and community
struggles to achieve this aim. Only the self-organization of the working
class can give us the power needed to halt America's war efforts. The
State will not yield to peaceful protest or even scattered acts of
violence. And we can certainly not expect peace or justice to be
achieved by any politician, no matter what promises they make.

And so we are calling for a Red and Black contingent to march with the
labor section of the October 27th mobilization.  We will come as
revolutionaries and fellow members of the working class to show firmly
that the struggle and spirit of resistance of the workers is our own.
Bring black and red flags, banners, signs, and your commitment to end
the wars that have destroyed the lives of so many people while the
bosses and capitalists grow fat off the misery.

"No War for Empire, No Peace for the Ruling Class!"

Call to action by Antithesis (NYC NEFAC)

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