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"The Trial - the Untold Story of the Cuban Five"

Narrated by Danny Glover

This documentary explores the U.S. government's use of false conspiracy 
charges and secret evidence which laid the basis for the conviction of 
five Cuban nationals - Fernando González, Gerardo Hernández, René 
González, Antonio Guerrero and Ramon Labanino - who were peacefully 
monitoring the activities of  counterrevolutionary groups in the United 
States who had a history of terrorist attacks against Cuba. They are now 
serving draconian sentences in U.S. federal prisons.
The film features revealing interviews with defense and prosecuting 
attorneys, Cuban and U.S. experts, and advocates for the Five's freedom. 
"The Trial" is a dynamic portrayal that in its search for truth and 
justice, forcefully demonstrates the enormous injustice meted out to the 
Cuban Five. It makes a convincing factual case for their liberation.

This meeting is part of the International Days of Solidarity with the 
Cuban Five from Sept. 12 (1998), the anniversary of their false arrest 
to Oct. 6, the anniversary of the first mid-air bombing of a passenger 
plane - Cubana 455 as it took off from Barbados - killing all 73 
passengers in 1976.  Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch who 
engineered this violence against Cuban and international civilians walk 
free in Miami today
Thursday, Oct. 25th, 7 pm,
Enquentro 5, 33 Harrison Ave. 5th floor (near Beach St. in Chinatown)
Suggested Donation $5

Sponsored the July 26th Coalition <http://www.july26.org>

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