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Northeast Socialist Conference
November 3rd and 4th, 2007

Columbia University, International Affairs Building
Altschul Auditorium, Room 417 - Street Level
116th Street & Amsterdam Ave., NYC
1 train to 116th Street
Registration begins Saturday at 9:30am
$10 outside of NYC; $15 NYC; $15 solidarity
  Local contact info in Boston: isoboston at yahoo.com, 617-648-0561
  Transportation is being arranged from Boston to NYC.  Contact above.

Featuring: Sharon Smith, Anthony Arnove, Melida Arredondo, Jeremy
Scahill, Jennifer Roesch, David Zirin, Yusef Salam, Hadas Their,
Adrienne Kinne, Liam Madden, Tod Ensign, Deepa Kumar, Son of Nun, Sam
Farber, and many more.

The United States has torn Iraq apart and now threatens war on Iran
all for imperial control of oil in the Middle East. In the name of the
"war on terror", racist lies are peddled about Arabs and Muslims and
our civil liberties are stripped away. Politicians attack immigrants
and call for "securing the border" and have unleashed ICE agents to
raid communities and workplaces. All in the context of falling living
standards for workers and growing class inequality.

But these horrors are not without opposition. A majority of Americans
now oppose the war in Iraq. Activists rallied and stopped the
execution of Kenneth Foster in Texas and thousands marched in Jena to
protest Jim Crow injustice. Workers at Cygnus in Chicago won a strike
and defended the jobs of immigrants. A growing minority is looking for
a genuine alternative to our rulers' imperial war abroad and class war
and racist scapegoating at home.

The potential exists to build an alternative, but our side needs a
voice. Politicians across the spectrum are united in their attacks on
the working-class at home and continuing wars abroad. If an
opposition is to be built, it must be built from below. This means
that our side needs ideas and strategies based on our own power and
history. Socialist politics offer ideas that can help us to change the

This year's Northeast Socialist Conference aims to provide space to
debate and clarify strategies for change, learn from the history of
previous struggles, and put forward a vision for the future. Join
hundreds of activists, progressives and socialists for a conference
that will address the key issues facing the Left today while also
discussing how we can fight for a world free of the wars, racism and
poverty that our society has produced.



Morning: Can there be a Revolution in the United States? Featuring
Sharon Smith, author of Subterranean Fire: A History of Working-Class
Radicalism in the U.S.

Special Lunchtime Talk: Terrordome: Sports in the 21st Century.
Featuring Dave Zirin, author of What's My Name Fool and Welcome to the

Evening: Resisting Empire Featuring Anthony Arnove, author of Iraq:
The Logic of Withdrawal, and Jeremy Scahill, author of Blackwater: The
Rise of the World's Most Powerful Mercenary Army

Afghanistan: The Good Occupation?*The Struggle for Palestine* The Left
and the Democratic Party: Option or Trap? *Women, the Family and
Sexual Oppression*Which Way Forward for the Anti-War Movement?*Empire
in Crisis? US Imperialism Today Health over Profit: The Fight for
National Healthcare*Being Muslim is Not a Crime: Combating
Islamophobia*Slavery and the Origins of Racism*The Russian
Revolution*Why We Need a Revolutionary Party*The Two Souls of
Socialism*From Foreclosures to Job Loss: Are We Headed for
Recession?*Resisting No Match, Detention, and Deportation: How to
Defend Immigrant Rights*From Kenneth Foster to the Jena 6: Fighting
Jim Crow Injustice*Lessons of Chile's Revolution*The Fire Last Time:
Lessons of the 1960s*Veterans and GI Roundtable*How the Vietnam War
Was Stopped*Between Reform and Revolution: Where is Venezuela
Headed?*Green Economy? Can Capitalism Save the Environment?


Eugene Debs and the Rise of American Socialism*Marxism vs Identity
Politics*What do Socialists Say About Political Islam?*Rosa
Luxemburg's Reform or Revolution*Did Lenin Lead to Stalin?*Marx's
Theory of Economic Crisis*Lenin's State and Revolution*Engels and the
Origins of Women's Oppression*Trotsky on the United Front*Lenin's What
is to Be Done*Marx's Historical Materialism*The Marxist Theory of

For more info, call (646) 452-8631 or email nyciso at gmail.com, or visit
http://www.nesocialistconference.net for info, materials, and updates.

To reserve free on-site childcare, please call by October 22nd

Sponsored by:
The International Socialist Organization, The Center for Economic
Research and Social Change, The International Socialist Review,
Haymarket Books, Socialist Worker

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