[act-ma] Sat. 12/1: March from Boston to Washington to Impeach Bush/Cheney Begins!

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Sun Nov 25 16:46:39 PST 2007

Announcing a new event from Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George!

What: March from Boston to Washington to Impeach Bush/Cheney Begins!

When: Saturday, December 1, 2007 (beginning at 2:00 PM)

Where: Rally at Fanueil Hall, Boston, MA, then march to Boston Tea Party Ship.

Event Description: 
After one Bush/Cheney assault on the Constitution too many, one man can no longer stand still. 

Brattleboro Vermont resident John Nirenberg plans to walk from Boston to Washington, DC to confront House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and DEMAND impeachment proceedings begin against Bush & Cheney immediately! (That's right, you heard me: HE'S GOING TO WALK - THE WHOLE WAY!)

John will begin his trek to Washington, DC on Saturday, December 1, 2007 from Fanueil Hall in Boston, MA - where Americans forefathers once gathered to plot their resistance to King George. 

Our group will gather there this Saturday afternoon - starting at 2pm - to give John a proper send-off for his heroic journey to Washington. John will speak at Faneuil Hall at 3:00 p.m. Then, we will march with him for the first half mile or so of his journey - from Faneuil Hall to the site of Boston Tea Party.

Few of us have the ability or resources to undertake such a courageous effort as John. But, we can all come out and show our support for his efforts. 

That's why Mr. Nirenberg is going to Washington. His solo march will be on behalf of everyone who is disgusted with the crimes, lies, and abuse of power of Bush/Cheney that continue to go unpunished!

Along the way John will urge citizens to speak out on the dire Constitutional crisis we face, why it is vital to impeach Bush and Cheney, and collect signatures on an impeachment petition.

Won't you please come join us this Sat. afternoon to help support this man's supreme effort to help restore accountability to our government?

For more info go to: http://www.marchinmyname.org

Mr. Nirenberg is a former Professor of Organizational Behavior and Dean at the School for International Training in Brattleboro, started his career as a Social Studies and American History teacher during the Nixon administration. 

Mr. Nirenberg founded the non-profit March In My Name (www.marchinmyname.org) in Brattleboro, Vermont to give voice and a physical presence to those who are unable to activate their outrage.

After speaking at Faneuil Hall and marching to the site of the Boston Tea Party he will follow US Route 1 through Providence, New London, New Haven, Stamford, the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, Independence Hall in Philadelphia continuing on to Speaker Pelosi?s office in Washington, D.C. He plans to take forty days and forty nights and reach Washington before the State of the Union address.

"We voted for change in 2006, but the Democrats aren't doing what we elected them to do. The war goes on; the torture continues. Torture! Can you believe we actually discuss waterboarding, and the 'legality' of beating prisoners just short of organ failure and death?" 

"What has happened to this country? And why have we let it? The Bush/Cheney administration must be held accountable for their high crimes and misdemeanors and their complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution." 

"That's why I'm marching from Faneuil Hall in Boston to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office in Washington, D.C. I hope some people will march with me - even for a mile or two - but I hope everyone will march whenever they can and go to Speaker Pelosi's office and to House Judiciary Committee Chair John Conyers' office to tell them it is unacceptable that no one is holding this administration accountable for its disregard of the Constitution and for its egregious law breaking. I'll tell them, to open hearings for the immediate impeachment of Bush and Cheney. It?s about saving our Constitution. We elected the Democrats to do something about this administration. How dare Speaker Pelosi take 'impeachment off the table'." 

"If Congress doesn't hold this administration accountable and, by not doing so, gives it a virtual pardon, how could we ever again rely on Congress to enforce the Constitution in our defense against executive abuse of power? How can we ever speak of the checks and balances virtue of our system to the rest of the world? How do we explain to our children what we are supposed to be fighting for in Iraq?"

"I'm shocked that we are faced with someone much worse than Nixon and that the laws Congress passed in the 1970s to prevent Presidential abuse of power have been so easily ignored by Bush/Cheney. I've decided that, for me, being outraged isn't enough. Bush and Cheney have so mangled our system of government, I have to do more than just be angry."

"Millions of people suspect that Bush and Cheney have committed many high crimes and misdemeanors including placing themselves above the law; but, the circumstances of people's lives prevents them from joining me on this march. So, if they want, I will march in their name. I will ask for signatures on a petition to Speaker Pelosi and carry them to Washington. I will blog and upload videos regularly so those who can't come along can follow my progress." 

(To sign the petition online go to: http://www.marchinmyname.org).

Please go here to RSVP for this event:

  Then... put it on your calendar & COME TO FANUEIL HALL ON DEC. 1st - and bring your friends!

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