[act-ma] 12/15-16 THIS WEEKEND! Spectacular 9/11 Conference and Tea Party!

Amy Hendrickson amyh at texnology.com
Wed Dec 12 07:11:23 PST 2007

Folks-- please share with your friends and lists!

This Weekend: A unique event, bringing together 9/11 Truth advocates,
with Peace, Civil Liberties, and Impeachment Activists, in an unprecedented 
opportunity to question the official 9/11 story with experts,
and to consider how that story has been used to drive this
country into an illegal and disastrous war, as well
as curtail our civil liberties here.

Many nationally known leaders will be here-- you can
hear them and question them yourselves-- and then
on Sunday: A rally on Boston Common with Cindy Sheehan
and others speaking, followed by a march to the harbor
to re-enact the Boston Tea Party and dump the
Official 9-11 Report, along with the Patriot Act, into
the harbor--

See http://boston911truth.org/teaparty/ for the full story

Brief summary:

Saturday Conference: 
     Architects, Engineers & Educators Speak Out! 
     10am to 5pm, Faneuil Hall
Saturday Night: 9/11 Sent Them to War, 7pm, Faneuil Hall
Sunday: Noon, Rally on Boston Common
Sunday: 2:30, Tea Party Boston Harbor
Sunday: 4pm to 9pm, After party-- A Brew and a Brainstorm
Hennessy's, Upstairs, 25 Union St. (In Faneuil Hall area)

for the full schedule

Speakers include: 
9/11 Truth experts
Steven Jones
Richard Gage
Kevin Ryan
Joel Hirschhorn
Robert Bowman
Dr. Kevin Barrett
Barbara Honegger
Justin Martel

9/11 Victims Advocate
Donna Marsh O'Connor

Peace Activists

Civil Liberties Expert
Nancy Murray

Impeachment Advocate
John Kaminski, Northeast
Impeachment Coalition Spokesperson

Green Party nominee for Governor:
Grace Ross


>From the website, http://boston911truth.org/teaparty/:

"The goal of this program is to foster harmony and cooperation between a broad spectrum of activists and organizations concerned with ending the war in Iraq, war crimes being perpetrated either by executive order or congressional mandate, the impeachment and/or removal of elected or appointed government officials engaged in criminal activity, the unlawful dismantling of constitutional rights and provisions, the neglect of rights and concerns of 9/11 and Iraq War victims and their families, and the lack of transparency in the investigation of criminal culpability in the 911 attacks. It is our hope and belief that a unified front regarding all of these issues will bring about lasting peace and a truly free and democratic society."

Hope you can come, participate, meet people, and
come away newly informed and activated!

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