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The Militant Labor
Forum Presents:

Kosova and the 

Fight for Self-Determination


As the ruling apparatuses in Yugoslavia began
crumbling in the late 1980s, rival sections of the bureaucracy used nationalist
demagogy to justify their grabs for land and resources. Competing Stalinist
gangs pitted Serbs, Albanians, Croatians, Bosnians, and other nationalities
against each other.

1989, Belgrade revoked Kosova’s autonomy. In 1999, Belgrade unleashed an
“ethnic cleansing” campaign, killing up to 12,000 people, mostly Albanians, and
expelling 1 million from Kosova. Washington and other imperialist governments
bombed Yugoslavia for 78 days and then sent in troops, claiming this was to
stop the violence. But the imperialist powers had in fact fomented the violence
for years. 

   Kosova has been
“administered” by the United Nations—and thousands of foreign troops and
cops—ever since. The European Union (EU) now proposes a plan whereby the UN
administration of Kosova would be replaced by an EU administration. NATO and EU
troops, some 16,000 of which are stationed among Kosova’s 2.1 million people,
would remain.

  What interests are the rulers
from imperialist countries pursuing in the Balkans, with Washington in the lead?
Why should working people should oppose the plans for imperialist troops to remain
stationed in Kosova? What interests the rulers in Belgrade and  Moscow are pursuing, and what stance should
be taken towards the right of the oppressed nations to self-determination?


Come to a
discussion of why working people should support the fight for an independent
Kosova – not a UN “supervised independence.”


Bill Estrada, representative Socialist Workers Party

Friday, December 21, 7:30 PM
Militant Labor Forum Hall
13 Bennington St., 2nd
Fl., East Boston

For more
information call 617-569-9169 or e-mail bostonmlf at yahoo.com

Suggested donation: $5

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T Blue Line
to Maverick Station, bus or walk 5 blocks down Meridian to Bennington at
Liberty Plaza

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