[act-ma] 2/11 Monday, Coolidge Corner Theater: Showing of film on the Cuba Five

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Why are five Cubans in U.S. prisons for fighting terrorism?

Film Showing and Discussion

Coolidge Corner Cinema

290 Harvard Street Brookline, Mass.

Monday February 11, 2008 7pm - 9pm

Admission $6.00

MISSION AGAINST TERROR is a critically acclaimed Cuban-Irish co-production written and directed by Roberto Ruiz and Bernie Dwyer. The film raises the question, "Why are people who fight terrorism imprisoned in the U.S. while known terrorists are allowed to walk the streets of Miami freely?" 

It follows the case of five Cubans currently serving long sentences in U.S. jails for trying to prevent terrorist attacks on Cuba. It depicts the long history of violence against innocent Cubans by right-wing groups based in Miami supported by the U.S. government. The film shows historic footage of terrorism against Cuba and provides a moving depiction of the case of the Cuban Five. It features interviews with Cuban National Assembly President Ricardo Alarcón, former CIA agent Philip Agee, attorney Leonard Weinglass, Cuban activist from Miami Andrés Gómez, and family members of the Cuban Five. 48 minutes, 2004

The event is sponsored by Newton Cuba Solidarity and the July 26th Committee of Boston

For information call 617-916-2265.

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