[act-ma] 2/25 Reminder: Meeting Mon 7pm, Democracy Center

Amy Hendrickson amyh at texnology.com
Sun Feb 24 10:51:30 PST 2008

Dear Folks--

A One State meeting reminder: Tomorrow night

First Public Meeting -- Welcome to New Members!
Monday, 7pm 
Bostonians for One Democratic State in Israel/Palestine
Democracy Center. 45 Mt Auburn St
Harvard Sq

Tentative agenda:
Meet each other!

Do we want to take the London One State Declaration
as the philosophical basis of our organization?

Do we want to endorse the Palestinian Civil Society statement?

Who would like to work on the website? this involves contributing
idea and articles, not web tech work.

Do we want to organize a One State forum/workshops in mid May, to coincide
with the commemoration of the Nakbah? If so, who would we like for speakers?
would it be possible to have it at Harvard Law School, MIT, or Northeastern?

Do we want to endorse the Gaza Benefit Concert, April 22? (Principles below)
The concert is planned as both a fundraiser and a consciousness raiser-- we
want to get as many organizations as possible to sign on to the statement
below. Anyone wanting to help with organizing the concert, publicizing,
or fundraising, is more than welcome-- send me email (amyh at texnology.com)

Noble Larson made DVDs of Joel Kovel's talk at Coolidge Corner Cinema--
if they arrive in the mail soon enough, I'll be bringing 5 copies with me,
and you can get one for $10 -- Ideally we will get these on all the cable TV
stations in the area. He also is sending along 5 copies of the Mearsheimer/Walt
talk in October.

Noble also mentioned that he was able to get a tape from Roger Leisner of the Israel Shahak/Chomsky
dialogue from some time in the 80's, which he recounts as the conversation that
set Dershowitz against Chomsky. Anyone know more about Israel Shahak? this
might be something for our upcoming website.

A brief history of One state activism might be useful too. I hear that the Palestinians
were calling for one state years ago, and would like to know more. We do have a Palestinian
contact in Gaza, Prof. Haider Eid, whose email I've forwarded to the list separately.

Principles Statement for Gaza Benefit Concert:

We are called by conscience to express our outrage and to extend help to the people of Gaza.  Due to Israel's siege and blockade of Gaza, 1.5 million Palestinians are living in what has been described as the world's largest open air prison, suffering cold and privation due to power cuts, lack of food and water, shortage of medicines, economic strangulation, and attacks by the Israeli army. As Americans, we are aware of the complicity of our government in supporting and funding this ongoing atrocity, and thus of our shared responsibility for the suffering and death of defenseless innocents.  In solidarity, we join with other organizations in the Boston area in endorsing the Benefit Concert for the People of Gaza.  In so doing we demand an end to this unconscionable and illegal collective punishment, a lifting of the blockade and restrictions on movement, cessation of military incursions, and the freeing of the more than 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners now

held in Israel. We call for immediate negotiations leading to equal rights for all, in compliance with International Law.

(any group wanting to endorse, please get in touch with Amy at amhy at texnology.com, Thanks)


Hope to see you tomorrow night!
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