[act-ma] 3/10 Mon. 6:30pm - Meeting of Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George! @ Johnny D's in Davis Sq. Somerville

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Announcing a new meeting for Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George!

What: Meeting of Bostonians for the Overthrow of King George

When: Monday, March 10, 6:30 PM

Where: Johnny D's Pub - Davis Sq. Somerville (across from the Red Line T-stop)

Meeting Description: 
We'll be holding the next regular meeting of our group on Mon. March 10th at 6:30pm at Johnny D's in Davis Square, Somerville, MA.

This month is the 2nd anniversary for our King George group, so come on out and have a pint with us as we plan our spring agenda of activism against Bush administration crimes. 
Thanks to everyone who participated in our "send an impeachment postcard to Congress" campaign last month. Together we sent over 1000 postcards & letters to members of the House Judiciary Committee in February calling for impeachment hearings (& it's still going - see below - a special thanks to Code Pink for helping us organize our Valentine letter-writing party.)

At the meeting, we will be discussing our impeachment letter-writing campaign (& writing more postcards too) & planning for new campaigns and events for the spring.

Hope to see you all there!


P.S. If you haven't yet written or called members of the House Judiciary Cmte, you can still do so. Please do so, we need to keep the momentum going. All the info you need can be found in the FILES SECTION of our website - including names & numbers of House members to contact & how to download/print out our impeachment postcards. (http://impeachbush.meetup.com/335/)

If you have sent letters and/or called them, then do it again. It's a new month & Bush/Cheney are still criminals.


Though political news nationwide is dominated now by coverage of state primaries, in Washington pressure to investigate the Bush Admin. accountable & hold them for their crimes continues to grow:

1) Rep. Wexler continues to push for hearings in the House Judiciary Cmte. Last month, he delivered a letter to Judiciary Chairman John Conyers & he publicly grilled Condi Rice on her role in the administration's pre-war propaganda campaign to lie us into war. (For the video clip & latest news on this go to: www.WexlerWantsHearings.com)

2) Rep. Kucinich is still planning to file soon over 50 articles of impeachment against Bush (it was originally planned for last month, but then delayed until after the Democratic primary in Ohio - where he faces a tough challenge).

3) Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced last week that she intends to pursue Contempt of Congress charges against White House officials that have refused subpoenas to testify before Congress about their roles in various White House scandals.

4) Many events are happening this month - both in Washington, DC and locally in Boston to protest the 5th anniversary of the Invasion and Occupation of Iraq - for more info on these events go to: http://events.unitedforpeace.org/5yearstoomany/events/show/3410 


With the presidential elections in the news now every week, some might ask: 

Why continue to focus on impeachment of Bush and Cheney? 

The simple answer is: Bush & Cheney broke the law & abused the power of their office and they STILL have yet to be formally charged or even investigated for their crimes. That continues to be our group's focus, because THAT hasn't changed. 

The longer answer is: This is NOT about partisan politics. Impeachment is NOT about removal from office. Elections (and trials of elected officials) are about removal from office. This is about upholding the Constitution & the rule of law in this country. Impeachment is a process formal inquiry for holding elected officials acountable when they abuse their power. There are still no formal charges against Bush & Cheney - so, we will continue to press members of Congress in both parties to do their constitutional duty and investigate, because the charges are too serious to ignore. 

This country is still living with the results of Bush & Cheney's actions. The war in Iraq still continues. People are still being killed & maimed, trillions are still being drained from our economy as a result of the war. People's civil liberties are still being violated and we all still continue to live with the national disgrace of tortured prisoners and other violations of international law.

Another common question people sometimes ask is:

Is there still enough time left to impeach them?

The answer is: Yes. It took House members in the Watergate investigation just 3 months to fully investigate Nixon for his crimes & draft articles of impeachment against him. If they had not investigated him, many of the most damning charges would never have been revealed publicly. After Watergate, Congress passed the FISA law to prevent surveilance of Americans under the guise of "national securuity" by future presidents - a law that Bush has violated. Not pursuing an investigation of such serious charges would set a terrible precedent for future presidents to act as if they are above the law too.

RSVP & Learn more here:

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