[act-ma] Abusive and Antisemitic Posts to List

moderators at act-ma.org moderators at act-ma.org
Mon Mar 17 08:35:02 PDT 2008

At least 2 recent posts to the act-ma mailing list failed to meet criteria
for forwarding to our list. Upon investigation, the mailers--using an
anonymous e-mail address--signed on and somehow by-passed our moderation
system. These posts used abusive language and eschewed political debate in
favor offensive name-calling. The posts involved anti-semitic phrases
using animal names. These disgusting posts are designed to hurt and also
to destroy activist and civil spaces like our list.

We regret these posts and will try to remove these from our archives and
fix the hole in our security system.

Our list--act-ma--is now more than 11 years old and through these years
glitches and errors have come up especially when we had to migrate from
our old host, IGC. We hope to get beyond these problems as soon as
possible. In our recollection, however, these posts are among the worst
abuse and the reason for moderated list.

There are additional problems with the list that we are trying to resolve.
For example, several registered users are not receiving e-mails even
though our list software states that they should be! This is another bug
that we are addressing. On these and other concerns, we welcome your input
and suggestions.


The ACT-MA Moderators

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