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Migration: Roots and Realities

Roots and Realities

    Given the rhetoric surrounding immigration in this election year,
we have an important opportunity to combat the misconceptions and
damaging policies that are affecting millions of people both here in
the US and in all of Latin America. Participating in Witness for Peace
conferences in Northampton, Boston & Portsmouth April 11th to 15th
Father Romualdo Francisco Wilfrido Mayrén Peláez, more commonly known
as Padre Uvi, will help us connect the dots between US policy and
     A parish priest in Oaxaca City, Mexico, and Coordinator for the
Peace and Justice Commission of the Diocese of Oaxaca, Padre Uvi will
deepen the discussion of migration by focusing on its root causes.  He
will also speak about his region's vibrant citizen movement and the
struggle for justice and dignity for Oaxaca's peoples.
    As a respected leader of civil society, Padre Uvi is admired and
loved by the poor¬-although often discredited by the powerful.  A
principal pillar of the BARCA Human Rights Center in Oaxaca, he has
been a tireless defender of the human rights and a just, dignified,
and humane life for all.
      His work has caused him to be harassed and threatened, but he
continues to fight against military and economic violence..  "I am
fighting for those who have families here and for those who are
separated from their families in Mexico. I am fighting against a cruel
and inhuman system of undocumented labor whose human face is the
separation of families and the misery of children."

    "I am one of the indigenous people to whom God first gave this
land. We have survived genocide and slavery, forced assimilation and
disease. We will survive this monster that the powerful would place on
our necks because we will not bow down to it. We will stand with
dignity as my brothers and sisters in the north stood at Wounded Knee,
until God makes the people see that by destroying us they are
destroying their own souls."

Padre Uvi will participate in conferences in Northampton, Boston &
Portsmouth April 11th to 15th.

In Boston and Northampton we will alsp hear from immigrants living and
working in New England as well as representatives from:
ADP Worker Center/Casa Obrera
Western MA Coalition for Immigrant & Worker Rights
Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition
Equal Exchange

A discussion will follow, exploring such issues as:

Who migrates from family and home--and why?
What is life in New England like for migrants who come to work here?
What is the economic impact of immigrant workers--and why are immigrants hired?
What US policy changes could improve lives on BOTH sides of the border?

Boston, MA
Sunday, April 13
Community Church,
565 Boylston St. Copley Sq. Boston, MA
(See below for a list of other events in New England)

For more information
Lynette Culverhouse
Peter Buck at Equal Exchange  775-776-7414
Or WFP Regional coordinator at 802-434-2980

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For more information
Liz Kelner
April 2008

Witness For Peace, NE Spring Gatherings
Northampton, MA

Friday, April 11
Pre Conference Movie and Discussion
Echando Raices (Taking Root)
Media Education Foundation,

Sat., April 12
Media Education Foundation,
60 Masonic St Northampton, MA

followed by a reception
at 29 Harrison Ave.
(up Rt. 9 - just past Smith College turn left on Harrison)

Portsmouth, NH
Tuesday, April 15 7:00-9:00pm
South Church - 292 State St - Portsmouth, NH

This event is sponsored, in part, by Minds Alive! a lecture series
presented by South Church, a Unitarian Universalist Congregation in
Portsmouth, NH.

For more information
Kate Gill Kressley 603-234-0981
Diane Stradling 603-431-2525

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