[act-ma] 4/5 Forum On Elections and the Fight for Black Rights, and solidarity with the truckers protest

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Wed Apr 2 18:20:02 PDT 2008

The Militant Labor forum presents:
Hear candidates of theSocialist Workers Party
Leonard, for Mass. StateSenate, 2nd Suffolk District
Calero, for president of theU.S.

Candidatesandcampaign supporters will address: 

■ The Fight for Black Rights and the Working Class and Obama’s March 18speech
What is the relationship between the fights for Black rights andimmigrants rights?
Is racial discrimination a result of failed government policies or theworkings of the capitalist system?  ·  How do you fight againstracism today?
■ Solidarity with the April 1 truckers’protests
■ Build the May 1 rallies for legalizationof immigrants and against raids and deportations
■ Oppose the Boston police program ofsearches without warrants 
■ Support unionization campaigns

Supporters of thesocialist campaign will be collecting signatures in Roxbury and Dorchester onApril 5 and 6 to place William Leonard on the ballot.  

Come meet the candidates after the first day of petitioning and
join a discussion on the Socialist Workers campaign and the working class alternative inthe election.

April 5 • Program 7:30 p.m.• Dinner 6:30 p.m.
Militant Labor Forum Hall
13 Bennington Street, 2nd floor, East Boston, MA 02128
617-569-9169or email: bostonmlf at yahoo.com  Translation to Spanish available •  Traducción inglés-español /español-inglés    

Suggested Donations -- Program: $5 •  Dinner $5  
Visit  themilitant.com  and  pathfinderpress.com  
for news, analysis, and books and pamphlets.
By train, take the blue
line to Maverick Station and walk down Meridian about 5 blocks to Bennington,
at the Liberty Plaza intersection.

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