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Bolivian musician Manuel Monroy, "Papirri", in Concert in Boston on May Day 2008     

The history of Manuel "Papirri" Monroy is one marked by the study of music, creativity, and cultural work. While he is definitely in the category of musicians of the "new song" movement from Latin America, his poetry and music escape some of the conventionalism of the movement. Manuel initiated his musical career playing classic guitar, but later on composed his own songs and became famous at various social song festivals. In 1980, under the dictatorship of General Garcia Meza he was forced to go into exile in Mexico and was able to return to Bolivia only in 1984. 

More recently, in November of 2005 Manuel donated the rights of his song "Pajpaku-Tinku contra el ALCA" (against the free trade agreement) to support the presidential campaign of the peasant leader, Evo Morales. Beyond his social committment, Manuel is a virtuoso of the guitar, but also an excellent player of the Bolivian instrument, the charango. 

Manuel will be visiting the United States for the first time this year, and will perform in various cities before coming to Boston on May 1. He will make a special appearence at the Boston Common May Day Rally and then will be in concert, at 8 pm at Encuentro 5, 33 Harrison Avenue, Boston. 

You can have a taste of Manuel's music at the following links: 

Metafisica Popular 
Samba do avião 

For those who speak Spanish, Manuel's official site is www.papirri.com 

To download a flyer for the event in color click here. 
To download a flyer for the event in black and white click here.

Sign the on-line petitions to:

1. Stop the Raids and Deportations, and
2. Demand that the U.S. sign the UN Convention on Migrant Workers Rights

Please go to: http://www.bostonmayday.org
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