[act-ma] how does/could your activism use geography?

Christy Pardew christy at resistinc.org
Mon Apr 7 13:05:43 PDT 2008

<please spread the word>

*The geographers are coming to town! * The American Association of 
Geographers (AAG) is meeting in Boston from April 15-19.  Believe it or 
not, geographers are a progressive bunch that work for social change in 
all sorts of ways - and geography is much more than maps.  We work on 
the relationship between society and space - which can be anything from 
geographies of hunger to environmental racism, from queer space to 
housing issues, and from sustainable energy to international solidarity.

    * How do you think about space in your activism?
    * How might your activism intersect with the work of geographers?
    * How might you be able to use geographic thought about space and place?
    * Interested in finding out?

*We invite you* to join us at a public conference workshop session 
organized by the activist geographers grouping.  Everyone in the room 
will describe their activism and/or research (briefly!) and we will 
collectively map our connections on the board, in terms of topics, 
locations, and methods - and go from there.  Any sort of justice work, 
broadly defined, is welcome.  We hope to connect and mutually learn from 
justice work in the center, the borderlands, and outside of the academy. 
The workshop is open to all and does not require conference registration.

*What's Just?: Mapping the State of Geographies of Justice
P**articipatory workshop *- come build the connections in our work. 
*Friday, April 18th, 10.10am - 11.55am*
Central Boston Public Library: 700 Boylston Street, Copley Square

(if you're interested in checking out other sessions they're listed 
/technically/, you have to register with the conference for those)
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