[act-ma] 4/29 documentary on global water scarcity at MIT

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Mon Apr 14 00:08:58 PDT 2008

Come see the film FLOW-For the Love Of Water a film about water 
politics, pollution, human rights, and the global water crisis.

Date: Tuesday, April 29th
Time:  6:00pm
Location:  MIT Building 4  Room 153


Light snacks provided

FLOW: For Love Of Water, a new film by Irena Salina, highlights the 
local intimacies of an emerging global catastrophe: African plumbers 
reconnect shantytown water pipes under cover of darkness to ensure a 
community's survival; a Californian scientist forces awareness of 
shockingly toxic public water sources; a 'Big Water' CEO argues 
privatization is the wave of the future; a "Water Guru" in India sparks 
new community water initiatives in hundreds of villages; a Canadian 
author uncovers the corporate profiteering that drives global water 

With an unflinching focus on politics, pollution and human rights, FLOW: 
For Love of Water ensures that the precarious relationship between 
humanity and water can no longer be ignored. While specifics of locality 
and issue may differ, the message is the same; water, and our future as 
a species, is quickly drying up. Armed with a thirst for survival, 
people around the world are fighting for their birthright; unless we 
instigate change, we face a world in which only those that can pay for 
their water will survive. FLOW: For Love of Water, is a catalyst for 
people everywhere: the time has come to turn the tide and we can't wait 
any longer.

Film and snacks brought to you by your munificent MIT GSC representatives
Please contact Amruta Sudhalkar (amruta at mit.edu <mailto:amruta at mit.edu>) 
or Shanti Kleiman (shantik at mit.edu <mailto:shantik at mit.edu>) if you have 
any questions.

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