[act-ma] 4-25-26, New England United Conference, END THE WARS ABROAD & AT HOME, Fri-Sat at Tufts

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Information and directions for the NEU conferenceDon't miss New England United's big regional conference this weekend!
A New England-Wide Conference
April 25-26, 2008
Tufts University - Medford, MA

Sponsored by New England United and the Tufts Peace and Justice Studies Program
Friday, April 25, 7:00 - 10:00 PM   FORUM  Pearson Chemical Lab 104
MAX ELBAUM: Where We Stand Today in the Middle East and at Home: US Foreign Policy and Military Spending 
STEPHEN ZUNES: The Political and military lay of the land in the Countries of the Middle East (
ELLEN FRANK: The U.S. domestic crisis and the war (

Saturday, April 26, 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

(8:30-9:00)  REGISTRATION  Barnum Hall 008
(9:00-9:30)  WELCOME AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE DAY  Barnum Hall 008
(11:15-12:30)  PANEL - MAJOR ORGANIZING STRATEGIES  Barnum Hall 008
1. Cutting the Manpower supply for illegal wars -- WAYNE SMITH 
2. Pressuring or Changing Congress and the Presidency -- TIM CARPENTER 
3. Building a Mass Movement/Organizing Mass Actions -- ASHLEY SMITH 
4. Broadening the Movement to End the War -- KIM FOLTZ 

(12:30-1:30)  LUNCH  Campus Center
Proposals for New England-Wide Action Campaigns for 2008 discussed in preparation for consideration by the Conference Plenary
(3:00-4:30)  PLENARY  Barnum Hall 008
Discuss and vote on NEU action campaigns for 2008 and form ongoing working groups
WORKSHOPS  (Olin Hall)
Morning: Educational and Issue Workshops (tentative list)
1. European No Bases Campaign -- Andrea Licata 2. Lessons of the Fight Against the War in Vietnam -- Jeff Mackler 3. Torture, Rendition, Guantanamo-- National Lawyers Guild 4. The "Surge"/Out Now -- Max Elbaum 5. Why the US Supports the Israeli Occupation -- Stephen Zunes/Omar Baddar 6. Immigration Crisis - Sergio Reyes 7. The War on Terror -- Bryan Koulouris  8. Film showing, Finding Our Voices -- Beth Adams   

Afternoon Workshops - NEU Action Campaigns (tentative list)
1. From Every Village Green
2. National Assembly/Mass Action
3. GI Resistance and Counter-Recruiting
4. People's Campaign for the Constitution
5. Electoral/Legislative Action
6. Palestine & Antiwar Movement
7. Broadening the Movement to End the War
8. Impeachment
9. 9/11 Truth 
Suggested Donations: $10 each day -- $5 each day for students, seniors, unemployed
Contact: Email: NEUconferenceinfo at yahoo.com  Phone: 617-497-5273
NEW ENGLAND UNITED is a coalition of peace, antiwar, and social justice activists from all six New England states that brought 10,000 people to Boston last October 27 for the largest march and rally since before the war started in 2003. NEU decided to continue our successful regional work. This conference will plan unified actions for 2008.
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