[act-ma] 5/16 (Fri): Stand out against the wars, 5 pm, Copley

Socialist Party of Boston spboston at spboston.org
Fri May 9 11:59:30 PDT 2008

As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan drag on without end, we must 
reassert our opposition to America's imperialist misadventures, and keep 
up the pressure to stop the wars and bring the troops home now.

After more than five years of war at home and abroad, we cannot afford 
to let the issue fade into the background.

Join us Friday, 16 May, to stand out against the wars in Copley Square.  
The standout starts at 5 pm, and we'll go as long as we're able.

Part of the Iraq Moratorium project, this local action complements large 
regional and national demonstrations, keeping the war in Iraq an issue 
and agitation against it visible.

For more information, visit http://www.spboston.org or 
Download the flyer from http://www.spboston.org/index.php/Standout
Contact spboston at spboston.org or 248/303-3785 (day-of).

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