[act-ma] 5/14 Eyewitness India - Hear Manik Mukherjee, VP, All India Anti-imperialist Forum (AIAIF) on Peoples Resistance in Nandigram

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Manik Mukherjee addressing All India Anti-Imperialist Forum  nandigram  
*All-India Anti-Imperialist Forum Protest, Nov 2007*

*HEAR MANIK MUKHERJEE, General Secretary, International Anti-imperialist 
and People's Solidarity Coordinating Committee (IAPSCC)
and Vice-President, All India Anti-imperialist Forum (AIAIF)

*WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 2008
6:30 PM
Action Center
284 Amory St. Jamaica Plain 02130 (near Stonybrook on Orange Line)
617-522-6626  www.iacboston.org <http://www.iacboston.org>

In Nandigram in India, peasant women have been on the front lines of 
resisting the forced acquisition of their lands which their families 
have farmed for centuries for the creation of a "special economic zone 
(SEZ)" for Dow Chemical and other multinational corporations. These SEZs 
are free from all labor law and regulation, as well as taxes, and the 
state provides the infrastructure for free or heavily subsidzed. In 
Nandigram, the people stopped Dow and the SEZ by digging up the roads 
and making the bridges unpassable. But they have faced multiple 
massacres and mass rapes by agents of the West Bengali state. For 
information on Nandigram and the IAC solidarity trip there in November 
2007 and what you can do to help, go to the new website, 
*www.iacenter.org/nandigram <http://www.nandigramsolidaritu.us>

**Manik Mukherjee* has been at the forefront of organizing support and 
solidarity for the people of Nandigram and resistance to the Special 
Enterprise Zones throughout India. He has also been a leader in building 
international mobilization against imperialist wars of occupation around 
the globe, and has  traveled to countries under U.S. attack and 
countries organizing resistance and for change including Iraq, Lebanon 
and Nepal.

Also hear from *

    * *Bishop Teixeira, OFSJC* who will report on the historic May 1
      2008 demonstrations for immigrant rights, * * 
    * *Steve Kirschbaum* who participated in the November 2007 IAC
      solidarity visit to Nandigram, and from 
    * *Miya Campbell* of F.I.S.T. and Women's Fightback Network on the
      resistance to the racist acquittal of the cops who murdered Sean
      Bell in NYC.

*International Action Center Boston
284 Amory St
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
www.iacboston.org <http://www.iacboston.org>
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