[act-ma] 6/17 19th Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba

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Mon Jun 16 06:05:31 PDT 2008

*From Boston to Cuba**
Meet the 19th Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba*


*Spontaneous Celebrations*

*45 Danforth Street**  *

*Jamaica Plain*


*Tuesday June 17, 2008       5 to 8 pm           *

*Free Admission*


*Lisa Valenti* will share her important perspective on why the Caravan 
challenges an unjust law that asks us to hate our neighbor. Ms. Valenti 
has traveled to Cuba over twenty times, each time without applying for 
or accepting a license from the U.S. Treasury Department. She has been 
an active participant on each of the Inter-Religious Foundation for 
Community Organization/ Pastors for Peace U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment 
Caravans. She was one of the fasters on two historic campaigns: the 
23-day fast, which won the release of the Little Yellow School Bus 
destined for Cuba, which had been seized by the U.S. Treasury Department 
(1993); and the 94-day Fast for Life, which won the release of 400 
medical computers destined for Cuba that had been impounded by the U.S. 
government (1996). She is the founder and president of the national U.S. 
Cuba Sister Cities Association and founder of the Pittsburgh CUBA 
Coalition. In describing her participation with the Caravans, Lisa 
explained, "It's what I do to put my deepest prayers for peace into 

Boston is one of 125 cities the 19th U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan 
will visit while traveling on 15 different routes through the U.S. and 
Canada. They will travel in school buses, trucks, cars and a bookmobile/ 
/to Cuba via Mexico with medical and educational supplies donated by 
groups across the U.S. and Canada as a collective challenge to the U.S. 
government's immoral, inhuman and internationally condemned blockade of 
Cuba. Five buses will be named in honor of the Five Cuban patriots who 
are nearing their 10th year of unjust incarceration in U.S. jails. In 
light of the recent negative decision by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of 
Appeals, this outreach is even more necessary.

*Sponsors:*  Newton Cuba Solidarity Group, Bikes Not Bombs, City 
Life/Vida Urbana, July 26^th Coalition, Community Church of Boston, Rev. 
Terry Burke of First Church in Jamaica Plain/Unitarian Universalist, 
International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban Five, ANSWER 
Boston, International Action Center Boston

*Live Music: *Bojah & the Insurrection

*Latin Youth Dancers: * "Literacy thru Dance" from Kennedy Elementary 
School in J.P.

*Literature & Informational Displays                      Food *

*For more information:*    617-916-2265   Newton Cuba Solidarity Group 

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