[act-ma] Friday June 20, join the DMZ!!!

rek2 rek2 at binaryfreedom.info
Thu Jun 19 22:35:26 PDT 2008

Friday June 20, and every Friday from there on! come chill with us!

*Chillin Against the Villins*

*DeMilitarized Zone*

*Independence from the state!*

Corner of Mass ave and Boylston st!!! 6pm- 8pm!

On this day, Friday and from there on!, we hereby declare the
establishment of a new DeMilitarized Zone where all those who wish can
congregate to denigrate and repudiate
 the war machine and celebrate

the growth of the new
movement from coast to coast willing to oppose the war and opression in
this country and around the world. Bring your signs, and minds, let's
chalk, talk, *play music*, *paint art* and sing leftist songs with
caring and sharing and in unity declaring
that we are “chilling *against* the villins” in this zone to show our
independence from our state!!!!!

We declare our solidarity with the people of the Middle East who share
the misfortune of living on top of the largest oil reserves on the
planet which is the reason behind the current war on Iraq. We declare
our condemnation of those who support this criminal war commanded by
criminals who promote a criminal ideology with criminal intent and
crimes against humanity. We repudiate with prejudice the general assault
on our rights: abuses, excuses, jailings, raids, lies, spies,
xenophobia, torture, extraordinary rendition, and the general police
state system that says we must stand together and support this
generalized oppression. We are no longer the silent generation but are
now willing to Stand Apart and against the mass murdering villins who
are doin the real killin. Join us in the DMZ!!

Chillin against the villin's!!!

Our *DMZ* and our Independence from the Criminal United States of
America .
Everyone is invited and encourage to join.

Visit or join our facebook group page:

A Spectre is haunting multinational capitalism--the spectre of free 
All the powers of ``globalism'' have entered into an unholy alliance to 
exorcize this spectre:
Microsoft and Disney, the World Trade Organization, the United States 
Congress and the European Commission.
Eben Moglen from the FSF.


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