[act-ma] Thur, 7/24, Mtng: "Which Way Forward for the Antiwar Movement?"

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Thu Jul 17 09:49:23 PDT 2008

Which Way Forward for the Antiwar Movement?
Public Meeting

After five years of US occupation, Iraq is a devastated country.  Over 1
million Iraqis have died and an additional 5 million have left as refugees.  
The US continues to foment ethnic divisions in a delicate divide and conquer
strategy, one that is a constant threat to explode in sectarian violence.  

This disaster has not gone unnoticed.  67 percent of people in this country
want to end the war and bring the troops home.    More than 70 percent of
soldiers want the occupation over by the end of the year.  The entire Bush
agenda has been called into question as shown by the hopefulness around the
candidacy of Obama, who polls show as beating Republican John McCain in a
landslide in November. The questions for antiwar activists are: what should our
activity consist of over the next months and years?  What will it really take
to end the war in Iraq?  Will Obama end the war? Does protest matter?

As we move forward in building the antiwar movement, join us for a discussion
on the focus, strategy, and tactics it will take to finally end the US
occupations in the Middle East.

Which Way Forward for the Antiwar Movement?
Public Meeting
Thursday, July 24th
7:00 PM

English High School, Rm 272
144 Mcbride Street
Jamaica Plain
two blocks south of the Green Street Stop on the Orange Line

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization

for more information contact:  isoboston at yahoo.com

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