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A story about a woman, who stood up by herself in a time when women were

typically diminished.

In 1856, a whaling port docks at the depressed Peruvian fishing village 
of Paita. Among the boat's crew is a young sailor by the name of Herman 
Melville, who is developing the idea for a novel about a whale called 
Moby Dick. Meanwhile, in the village resides a woman named Manuela 
Saenz, who was at the center of national gossip by becoming passionately 
involved with Simon Bolivar, the Latin American revolutionary. Melville 
meets her and attempts to get her to talk about Bolivar. She refuses, 
but his visit prompt her to re-read Bolivar's letters to her, which 
causes her to have vivid memories of their time together.

A historic saga which fleshes out the fashionable reassessment of one of 
Venezuela's controversial figures, Manuela Sáenz, lover of Simon 
Bolívar, the Liberator of Spanish colonies and campaigner for unified 
Latin American independence. This tells the story in flashback from 
Sáenz's memories as she lies crippled and facing death in exiled poverty.

    (2000) *Director:* Diego Rísquez

Sat. Aug 9th  1 PM
Brookline Public Library
Coolidge Corner Branch
31 Pleasant St. Brookline.

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