[act-ma] 8/23 Radical Organizing Workshops (Sat.)

Camilo Viveiros camiloviveiros at gmail.com
Wed Aug 20 09:49:25 PDT 2008

*From Activism to Organizing & Toward an Organizing Worldview: Two Radical
Organizing Conference Summer Institute workshops*
Saturday, August 23, 10:00 to 2:45
CLVU 284 Amory St. (Jamaica Plain) Boston, MA 02130

*Toward an Organizing World View* from 10-12
Free Lunch (RSVP REQUIRED) from 12-1
*From Activism to Organizing* from 1-2:45

*RSVP with Camilo to attend either or both workshops & lunch*:
camiloviveiros at gmail.com 508-674-7146

*Toward an Organizing World View 10am-12*
This workshop illuminates the ways our overall vision of change connects to
our "worldview" (ideology) and how right wing ideology creates obstacles in
our day to day organizing. How do we counter the influence of oppressive
ideologies in our day to day work? How can we intentionally recognize these
dynamics in ways that improve our work rather than isolate us? By openly
discussing these dynamics from an organizing point of view we can grapple
with ways to incorporate ideology into our organizing without falling into
traps that lead our views to resonate only with other committed radicals.

*From Activism to Organizing 1-2:45pm*
What is the difference between organizing and activism? Although our work
may incorporate different approaches (self help, service, electoral,
advocacy, mobilization) organizing most effectively builds collective power
to shift power relations. We need to define the difference between activist
strategies and organizing strategies to avoid paternalistic recruitment
efforts and ensure our organizing efforts go beyond rhetoric. By exploring
different theories of change, we will highlight ways to transition from
activism to organizing.
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