[act-ma] Thur, 8/21, Mtng: "What Would Socialism Look Like?"

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A World without War, Poverty, and  Oppression
What Would Socialism Look Like?
Public Meeting
Thursday,  August 21st
7:00  PM
Haymarket People's Fund Building
42 Seaverns Avenue
Jamaica Plain
Orange Line to Green  St., left out of the station, up Green St., left onto Alfred St., Right on  Seaverns.  
or from Centre  Street, Seaverns is on your left. 
For more information  contact:  617-648-0561 or email isoboston at yahoo.com
We live in a world of poverty and inequality. Millions  of children around the world each year die of hunger. A war for oil in Iraq has  killed at least 1 million Iraqis and threatens to expand to the rest of the  Middle East. In the richest country in the world, 45 million people have no  health care, and an economic crisis means that millions of Americans have lost  their homes to foreclosure. Global Warming jeopardizes the future of the planet  itself.
The resources and wealth that already exist in the world  provide a basis to organize society for human need and not corporate greed.  With just a fraction of what the US military spends daily on war, every person  on earth could be fed, clothed, and sheltered. But we can go even further than  this. Socialism would offer the majority of people on earth to be in  charge of their own lives and make decisions about how their cities, workplaces  and neighborhoods are run. 
Join us for a meeting where we will put forward this  vision of a fundamentally different society, as well as take up questions like:  how do we get from a world controlled by the rich to a world controlled by  regular people? Doesn't human nature prevent a socialist society from  functioning? What examples in human history show that a socialist society can  work? And if we have a clear vision of the kind of world we want, how does it  guide our community organizing in the  present?


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