[act-ma] 8/23 Paint The Town Red, A One Act Play

Charlie Welch cwelch at tecschange.org
Thu Aug 21 20:48:55 PDT 2008

*Paint The Town Red, A One Act Play

August 22 - SHV, 50 Agnes St, Providence, RI

August 23 4pm - The House of Hardcore, 104 Walter St,  Roslindale
with Xiphod Dimentia, Sharpwaist, Catholic Skin

Insurgent Theatre is a Milwaukee based theatre company founded by Tracy Doyle
and Rex Winsome, producing locally written plays and other performance art.  We
have been producing bad-ass DIY theatre in Milwaukee since 2003.  Always
independent local writers, directors and actors.  Never compromising to the
establishment.	Insurgent's goal is nothing less than to take the future of
theatrical production (from words, to actors, to audiences) out of the clumsy
hands of obsolete bourgeois institutions, one production at a time.  Step
aside, our revolution is inevitable.

For this tour, Insurgent Theatre will be performing "Paint the Town Red."  A
one act play about two anarchists living in the subways of New York and how far
they will go to attain absolute freedom.

info 414-305-9832

Peter J Woods represents one of the many young artists currently entering into
the sordid noise underworld.  Providing a much needed sense of shifting
dynamics to the harsh noise community, Woods combines power electronics,
minimalism, industrial and old-school hardcore into personal works which focus
on more on the world of philosophy than that of sexual deviance or violence,
which most noise artsits seem to be doing.


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