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Paul’s 2008 tour of the USAwill be: 
September 10 – 18 (East Coast) and
September 19 -30 (West Coast) 

For bookings, please write to: echoespaul at tortillaconsal.com
For more information and musical examples, please visit: www.echoesofsilence.pbwiki.com

Dear Friends
Echoes of Silence works with programs to roll
back global warming in Nicaragua. These include permacultural programs to
erradicate food hunger, rain and grey water capture and use for irrigation, and
'Love that Plastic', a recycling and awareness project. 
Echoes coordinator, Paul Baker Hernandez,
will be making presentations in the USfrom September 10 - 30. Paul plays the
unique ‘green’ guitar he secretly cobbled together from garbage 40 years
ago, while a silent Trappist monk, offering this beautiful instrument as
one positive response to the challenge of global warming. As he says,
“Consumerism stifles our creative spirit. Global warming is our
moment to free ourselves, to delight in the wonderful creativity
that makes us truly human – so developing real peace: a sustainable and
just, intelligent and beautiful way of life for all.”
Activist, organizer and musician,
Paul offers presentations to suit most everyone, from concerts
through church homilies to workshops and discussion groups. The tour raises
money for Echoes' work, but we're always happy to share income with host groups
where appropriate.
Would your organization want to host Paul?
Let us know as promptly as possible, please.
No matter what, thank you for all your own
work. Together we're weaving dreams into reality.

With all best wishes,

Lissethe (Polanco).

Here's background information:

Peace. Justice. Beauty. One People – One Planet

Paul Baker Hernandez – Love That Garbage
The creative side of global warming

Once an isolated hermit monk, buried in the snows of Scotland, Paul Baker Hernandez now lives in the heat, dust and
noise of a Managuashanty town.  During his extraordinary life
journey, he has: led an invasion of Queen Elizabeth’s private castle to protest
nuclear weapons, sung ‘We Shall Overcome’ for 300,000 people as justice and
peace warm-up act for Pope John Paul II, joined Joan Jara and Inti Illimani in
events reclaiming the stadia used by Pinochet as torture/extermination camps in
Chile, and fought alongside Salvadoran exiles attacked by death squads
- in Los Angeles.
   His only weapon was and remains
the unique ‘green’ guitar he secretly cobbled together from an old drawer, a
broken table leg and a retired toilet seat while his fellow monks were at prayer.
Offering this beautiful instrument as an example of positive creativity in
to the challenge of global warming, Paul says, “Consumerism is destroying the
planet and stifling our creative spirit. Global warming is our opportunity to
throw off its yoke, to find delight in discovering the wonderful creativity
that’s in all of us – so developing true peace - a sustainable,
intelligent and beautiful way of life for all.”
   Paul has also sung with Carlos and Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy (Nicaragua), Daniel Viglietti (Uruguay), Jackson Brown and Martin Sheen (USA), among others. Equally at home in concert hall and
pulpit, lecture room, workshop or picket line, he weaves Flamenco
guitar, Gregorian chant, Protest and Latin American song together into magical
presentations, moving people to build peace through justice via specific
projects (see www.echoesofsilence.pbwiki.com)
. He specializes in the beautiful, passionate, songs of Victor Jara, Chile’s beloved songwriter and singer, murdered during the
Nixon/Kissinger/Pinochet coup of 9/11/1973, of whose best-loved songs he has made singing translations into
English. 2008 is the 35th anniversary of this tragedy.

Married to ex-Sandinista guerrilla Fátima Hernández, who continues the health
and education work she began as part of the original Sandinista Revolution,
Paul now lives in Managua, Nicaragua, where he’s co-founder of Cafe Sandino,
Echoes of Silence and the Victor Jara Cultural Workers Movement, all dedicated
to making peace, justice and beauty through creative lifestyles, sustainable
agriculture, people-to-people interchange, trade justice, and the committed

   He has two books published and his most recent recording is, Hasta
el aroma de la flor (To the Very Fragrance of the Flower), Victor Jara’s
best-loved songs in their original Spanish, with Paul’s singing English
translations.  He is currently working with the FSLN’s Zero Hunger program
in Nicaragua, a concert series entitled: Songs of Love and
Courage, and on Flowers in the Desert, a film script based on the years spent
taking on the death squads in the USA.

Nicaragua405 2563; USA: 603 764 9948; UK1225 866181

Paul Baker Hernandez:
singer/songwriter, author, lives in La Primavera, a marginalized neighbourhood
of Managua. Coordinates Echoes of
Silence, 'artists/activists with dirt under their fingernails'.
'Hernandez' honours Fatima, his companera, and all women - the
world's majority yet desperately under-represented where
political/economic change could/should happen.

Echoes of Silence: Peace. Justice. Beauty. Re-living - from the
Earth up. http://echoesofsilence.pbwiki.com- An idiosyncratic journal of events in Nicaragua, The World and
Everything.  http://www.myspace.com/paulbakerhernandez- upcoming
events; music to download


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