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 *CHINA STUDY GROUP meets on Thursday, Sept. 11 at 6:30*
* *
*Center for Marxist Education, 550 Mass. Ave, Central Square, Cambridge
(second floor)*

Presentation and discussion on: "China, the Olympics and the World."  Was
China successful in its "coming out party" -- what are your
impressions?  Was the positive and negative publicity balanced in a fair
way?  Does US capitalism have an agenda in regard to how China is portrayed
in the US press?   What do people in the US and the world think of China?
Will the mixed economy work in the long term, part socialism and part

China is becoming a colossal presence globally yet many people in the US do
not have a good understanding of this country.  Many have never looked at
China from the Chinese perspective or read anything from the Chinese press
(in translation).

Come to the class and present your views.  Future topics include China's new
Labor Law; re-evaluating Mao and the cultural revolution; the anti-China
campaign; and a celebration of the October 1, 1949 victory of the Chinese

Contact CSG at bookmarx at center-for-marxist-education.com.  Suggest your own
topic about China!
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