[act-ma] 10/4 - The Capitalist Meltdown and the Struggle for Socialism

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1) 10/4 - Workers World Party Forum: The Capitalist Meltdown and the 
Struggle for Socialism
2) 11/15-16 - Workers World Party National Conference
*/Workers World Party Forum/*
* The Capitalist Meltdown and
the Struggle for Socialism//**

Saturday, Oct. 4 - 7:00 pm**
Action Center*
284 Amory St. (The Brewery - 1 block from Stony Brook on the Orange 
Line), JP

    * Is the cause of the economic crisis just a few bad apples or is
      capitalism rotten to the core?
    * Why and how is socialism the answer to the crisis of capitalism?
    * Youth and the capitalist economic crisis
    * *Here rank and file leaders from the Boston School Bus Drivers,
      USW L. 8751, discuss how a community/labor coalition help them win
      an historic contract *

Everyday the capitalist economic crisis continues to grow. In an 
unprecedented move Wall Street investment firms, banks, and insurance 
companies have been taken over by the government or forced into mergers. 
Foreclosures are happening at a record pace and unemployment is on the 
rise. In an effort to avoid the complete collapse of capitalism, 
Congress, under intense pressure by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and 
Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke are about to pass a $700 billion 
bailout of Wall Street on top of the $315 billion already given to 
bailout the giant insurer AIG as well as Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and 
Bear Stearns banks.     

No matter how much this bailout is "improved" by some minimal 
concessions on secondary issues, such as limiting executive pay---if 
that ever happens---or any other palliative measure, the fact is that 
the working class is going to be forced deeper into debt to pay off the 
debts of the bankers who robbed the workers in the first place. This 
bailout is a ruling-class solution.  The bankers and the government can 
be made to change their tune when faced with a mass struggle demanding a 
moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. They can be pushed back by a 
movement demanding an end to layoffs and plant closings and the right to 
a job for all workers. 

To fight off the effects of a depression or any economic crisis, the 
workers must have their own program and advance their own demands. 
Housing is a right. Education and health care are rights. A job is a 
right. The only way to turn back this onslaught of foreclosures, 
evictions and layoffs, and stop the bailout at the same time, is to 
fight back in an organized, mass, militant way.



  *Save the Date! Workers World Party National Conference***

  *November 15-16 2008, NYC*

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