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There is a working-class alternative in the election for state senate in the 2nd Suffolk District -- William Leonard, a candidate of the Socialist Workers Party.  Leonard has used the campaign to speak out for legalization of immigrants, support union organizing, oppose Washington's wars and war plans like the Bio Lab, and to oppose the bail out for big business -- instead proposing a massive public works program to put people to work, as well as an immediate halt to home and farm foreclosures.  Join us this Saturday, Nov. 1 in Mattapan and elsewhere campaigning for the socialist alternative in the elections -- call 617-569-9169 for details.

And on Nov. 4come to our campaign headquarters at 13 Bennington St., 2nd floor to join in watching the news, discussing the events, and celebrating the Socialist Workers Campaign, from 6-9 p.m.  There will be live hook up with the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, Róger Caleroand Alyson Kennedy. 

Below is some more information on William Leonard's campaign. First is a link to the campaign platform and then some links to local coverage in a number of papers and some radio coverage.  Also there is a brief biography of William Leonard. 

You may have noticed that major media has tried hard not to mention the socialist candidate on the ballot -- in fact the only other person besides Chang-Diaz who is on the ballot.  

Please let the Globe and Herald, and any other media you may want to reach out to, that they should cover the other candidate on the ballot and in the race.  Below are some emails and phone numbers for the Globe and Herald.  Ask if they intend to write anything of substance on William Leonard.  

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Contact the Globe
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Boston Herald
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William Leonard, Socialist Workers Candidate for Massachusetts State Senate, 2nd Suffolk District

William Leonard, 55, is a production worker in the meat industry. From 2001-2005 he worked at Kayem Foods in Chelsea and was involved in attempts to win recognition of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union at the plant. Leonard calls for immediate legalization for all immigrants and has joined marches against raids and deportations and he spoke at the 2008 May Day rally on the Boston Common.
Leonard calls for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. and coalition troops from Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He has joined marches to demand “Bring the Troops Home Now.”  Leonard supports full relations with Cuba, calls for and end to Washington’s embargo against Cuba and demands an end to the restrictions imposed by the U.S. government on our right to travel to the island. Leonard also calls for immediate, massive and unconditional U.S. government aid to hurricane victims in Haiti.  
Addressing a Boston City Council hearing in June on the so-called “Safe Home Initiatives” Leonard spoke out against the program, which allows warrantless searches of homes by the police, noting this is part of the growing assaults on workers and democratic rights. Leonard has joined protests against police brutality and calls for the prosecution of the cops responsible for the death of David Woodman, a 22-year-old former Emmanuel College student who was arrested after a Celtics game. 
For more information read about the Socialist Workers

 candidates at www.themilitant.com.

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