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Radical Film Night at Lucy Parsons Center Presents
Voices Beyond Walls: Youth Videos From Palestine 2006-2007- showing and discussion.
Wed. 11/5  7pm  FREE!

Lisa Nieves Traveled to Palestine this summer to work with youth making these short films, depicting their lives in their own words and images.  This film is sponsored by DOWN (Dinners on Wednesday Night) and is a potluck. Please feel free to bring food to share.


1 The Necklace – El Oqd/ 2007/ 7:42 min: A group of teenagers living in Aida refugee camp, Bethlehem reenact the arrest of one of their friends.

2 Victory- Nasr/ 2007/ 7:36 : Each of the players on a Palestinian basketball team explains why he or she wants to “win for Palestine.” 

3 Nablus Tragedy- Masat Nablus/ 2006/ 6:50 min : Two girls from Balata camp, Nablus bring the viewer through their city. 

4 Wishing to be a Bird- Ana Asfour/ 2006/ 1:42 min: The short film describes a young girl’s experience of catching a bird with her friends- and coming to identify with the bird. 

5 Dreams of Jerusalem- Ahlam el Quds / 2007/ 8:00 min: Three best friends perform an act of resistance to fulfill their deep longing to visit Jerusalem. 

6 Theater of Stones- Masrah el Hejra / 2007/ 5:55 min: A school boy in the Jenin refugee camp recounts his life with a friend. 

7 Memories of Nakba- Zikrayat el Nakba/ 2006/ 3:28 min: 

8 Hope of Freedom- Amal el Horaya/ 2007/ 8:30 min: A Palestinan grandmother tells her grandson about her experience of the Nakba in an intimate interview.

9 Palestinian Mother- Um Filistine / 2007/ 5:39 min: The story illustrates a comical situation where three brothers individually try to entice their mother to vote the upcoming Palestinian elections. 

10 Return Our Happiness, AeedouLana Saadateena, 2007, 8:47 mi n: The film tells a story of a birthday party set against the tensions and restrictions of everyday life in occupied territory. 

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