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Dear McKinney/Clemente supporters,You are invited to a Victory Party the night of the Election for McKinney/Clemente! Come watch the results roll in with us and share your reflections on the campaign and thoughts for the future.Victory PartyWhen: Tuesday, November 4, Starting at 8:30pmWhere: Cambridge Brewing Company, 1 Kendall Sq # 100, Cambridge, MA 02139Also, check the news from the national campaign below. Chomsky supports McKinney!
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Welcome to the 21st issue ofthe Power to the People Committee,Cynthia McKinney / Rosa ClementeCampaign Update. Hello Powerful People: In this week's issue: 

McKinney-Clemente Campaign Welcomes Chomsky's Support 
Holloween: Canvassing your neighbors for Candy and Votes 
New Literature Just In Time 
Cynthia McKinney Willing to Debate All Candidates 
Your Support Still Needed 

McKinney-Clemente Campaign Welcomes Chomsky's Support Cynthia McKinney, in a prepared statement, today expressed her appreciation for the support of Professor Noam Chomsky, noted linguist tenured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In private emails with campaign supporters this week, the respected social critic noted that he had voted Green in 2004 and would be voting for McKinney next Tuesday, as well. 'I find it very gratifying that our campaign has garnered the support and vote of such an imminent thinker and noted critic of our nation's foreign policy,' said Ms. McKinney, Green Party nominee for President of the United States. 'I share Professor Chomsky's analysis that our vote is best invested in building an institution which will survive the close of the polls next Tuesday.' http://legacy.runcynthiarun.org/Endorsements/Chomsky_SupportWelcomedByCampaign Holloween: Canvassing your neighbors for Candy and Votes It is Halloween -- when all of the ghouls and goblins are about -- almost as scary as another Presidential administration that would work against the best interests of the people! On no other night of the year do so many people happily invite their neighbors to their homes; what better time to do some campaigning? We urge all supporters of the Power to the People Campaign, as you accompany your children in their door-to-door canvas of your neighborhood for candy, to please take this opportunity to also spread the good news about our candidates. Please head to our website for literature suitable for download and local duplication which you can share with your neighbors. http://legacy.runcynthiarun.org/CampaignMaterials Take to the streets with Spider-Man and Frankenstein and offer your neighbors a real choice for their consideration in next Tuesday's election. New Literature Just In Time With our appreciation to Marshall Sanders, a Green Party member in Oakland California we are pleased to offer a new literature piece just in time for our 11th Hour GOTV visibility efforts. Its called RealChange, and offers eight affordable pieces for each sheet printed. Please use it as you canvas your neighborhood Friday night with your kids for candy and votes. http://legacy.runcynthiarun.org/system/files/RealChange_8up.pdf Cynthia McKinney Willing to Debate All Candidates Rep. Cynthia McKinney wants to clarify that she is ready and willing to debate all other presidential candidates in the 2008 race. She has already been in debates with independent candidate Ralph Nader twice, and has attended a debate online at which all other candidates failed to appear despite ample notice. She has been consistently excluded from any debate involving Republican and Democratic nominees for president, despite calls for inclusion. Rosa Clemente, her vice-presidential candidate, is similarly willing to debate any other vice-presidential nominee. In the recent period, associates from other campaigns have been organizing and calling for multi-candidate debates on short notice, without full consultation on date, time, place and ground rules, making it difficult to participate. Today's independent candidate debate, originally scheduled for Cincinnati, Ohio and moved to a Cleveland, Ohio venue, conflicted with her campaign travel plans in other states. Despite this, McKinney attempted to participate by remote feed, webcam or satellite signal to no avail - the organizers were unable to accommodate any option and apparently at least one other candidate did not agree to include her in tonight's event. McKinney and Clemente would like to issue a challenge to all other candidates to organize a debate with pre-consensus on ground rules, date and time before the election, either at a mutually agreed physical location or with multiple remote feeds, conducted by any organization or media outlet that is non-partisan and not tied to a particular campaign. In the coming period she will be in Texas and California. http://legacy.runcynthiarun.org/Cynthia/ReadyToDebateAllCandidates Your support is Still Needed Aside from any activity post election fighting another anticipated election theft, we're still scrambling to meet our expenses through the 4th and complete this campaign in the black. Your financial support makes that possible. If you have not yet contributed to this campaign, there is no time like the present to step up and do so. Please use this link to make an online donation right now: http://supporters.runcynthiarun.org/supporters.cgiThen send out a note urging your friends to do so as well. Thank you. 

Until next week,-- The Campaign Team Paid for by thePower to the People Committee,Cynthia McKinney for Presidenthttp://www.RunCynthiaRun.org/ 

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