[act-ma] 11/19 Hot Chocolate w/Noam Chomsky - Wednesday, Arlington Street Church, 6:00 p.m.

Suren Moodliar suren at fairjobs.org
Wed Nov 12 12:42:25 PST 2008


On November 4th we made history! Exactly what it means, however, is
something we have to sort out. As someone put it, "We haven't made
change yet, but may now have a chance to make change." The progressive
movement still faces stark choices in order to right the wrongs of our

So join us: Come listen to Noam Chomsky, "What's Next? The US & the
World After Bush" at the Arlington Street Church (by the Boston
Gardens), on Wednesday, November 19, 2008 at 6:30 p.m. (5:30 for
reception ticket holders). Information and tickets at
http://www.encuentro5.org. [BTW: Equal Exchange is donating free hot
chocolate that will be available to everyone arriving between 6:00 and
6:30 p.m.]

Here's why... Now more than ever, there is a sense of desperation and
anticipation: the time for change is now! Progressive groups all over
the country and around the world have been abuzz about what needs to
happen next.

Noam Chomsky, days away from his eightieth birthday, has agreed to
join us for a serious conversation about what comes next and how we
can intervene. Bringing the intellectual rigor of that comes with
decades of scholarship, activism and speaking truth to power, Noam
Chomsky offers an incisive account of the elections, its winner and
the tasks confronting all of us.

He will do so in his characteristic soft-spoken, simply worded,
measured prose. In this, he will speak directly to our thoughts:
neither influencing us with rhetorical appeals to emotion nor by
imposing a sense of humility through flashy language. Instead, the
sheer weight of plain spoken, clearly articulated facts will offer us
a chance to agree or disagree.

The event will help us all plug into the antiwar, economic and global
justice and pro-immigrant movements. We can also learn more about
local efforts for the World Social Forum (Brazil, January '09),
upcoming Human Rights Day organizing, First Night Against the War, DC
actions around the Inauguration, and challenging the emergency
presidential summit in DC. It will also have time and space for us
spread the word about our own activities.

For more information, tickets, directions, and to plug in, visit

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