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What's Next
Noam Chomsky 
on elections, the economy and the global Challenges of our time.

Noam Chomsky is introduced by Sergio Reyes, an activist, musician, and former political prisoner.  A student leader in Chile during the Allende Presidency, he was imprisoned after the military coup for four years on Dawson Island, a concentration camp near the southern tip of Chile.

"Chomsky's first public words since the presidential election express pessimism that Obama will bring real 'change' to the country.  Besides the disappointing appointment of Iraq War supporters and financial-crisis enablers to his administration, besides the fact that Obama ran on public-relations slogans ("Brand Obama") rather than a platform of specific change, Chomsky points out that Obama, like McCain, was largely financed by the elite.  More deeply and provocatively, Chomsky contrasts our 'democratic' government with a mass-popular-movement government such as exists now in Bolivia.  As always, Chomsky answers questions about the future with 'It's up to people like you,' expressing his respect for America's working people and his scorn for America's elite."
Lance Tapley - Contributing Writer - Portland Phoenix

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