[act-ma] [AMP Collective] Tues, 11/13, 7PM: FREE GAZA! Next big organzing meeting

Adam Friedman amfriedman at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 12:17:20 PST 2009

Tom and everyone:

I would consider joining the movement.  However, I am instead somewhat
horrified at what I suspect are not the best of intentions by this

Instead of calls for PEACE, Tom, you use the following vocabulary to
describe Israel:

"Slaying any and all in its genocidal path"

"Reign of terror"

I find these phrases immature, innacurate, incendiary, counterproductive to
peace, and deeply offensive.

Why would it be in Israel's interests to commit genocide?

What does Israel stand to gain vis-a-vis the world community if it were to
actually elicit a "reign of terror"?

What organization is this?  Who are you?  Who is funding you and your
partners?  Do you actually want peace?  

If you actually want peace (though the word "peace" was not mentioned even
once in your email), you need to respect both sides of this ongoing tragedy,
and call for actual solutions -- not just the simplistic and one-sided call
to "Free Gaza".  What does 'freeing Gaza' actually mean and entail, and how
are you so sure that your image of a 'free Gaza' wouldn't simply embolden
Hamas to continue to stockpile arms without oversight and continue to shoot
rockets into Israeli civilian towns?  What do your "rowdy protests" aim to
accomplish, in the long-term?

With respect, 
and with peace,

Adam Friedman


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Subject: [AMP Collective] Tues, 11/13, 7PM: FREE GAZA! Next big organzing

Free Gaza! Organizing Meeting


for the whole movement in & around Boston to free Gaza.  Spread the word!
Time and Place
Date:	Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Time:	7:00pm - 9:00pm
Location:	Palestine Cultural Center for Peace
Street:	41 Quint Avenue
City/Town:	Allston, MA
 	View Map
Contact Info
Phone:	6179702701
Email:	bostonstandswithgaza at gmail.com
<mailto:bostonstandswithgaza at gmail.com> 


Spread word! Invite your friends, allies, classmates, coworkers, neighbors!

As Israel ruthlessly tears into Gaza, slaying any and all in its genocidal
path--including aid convoy and children--international pressure mounts to
shut these atrocities down and let the people of Gaza live, which is already
having a major effect on how the war is covered in the media, and--most
importantly--on people's sense of need and confidence to fight back.

We've had a series of excellent mobilizations in Boston including rowdy
protests, vigils and a large funeral march, civil disobedience at the
Israeli consulate, dozens out to Saturday's national protest at the White
House and more. We must come together to continue to build the movement with
even bigger & stronger actions and events geared toward drawing into the
movement the thousands in our area who are outraged at Israel's shear
brutality and the US's support for it.

Come to this organizing meeting with your urgency and creativity to help
build and unite the movement in Boston to stop Israel's inscrutable reign of
terror on Gaza!

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