[act-ma] Justice for Jason: National CALL-IN DAY- FEB. 3!! Raise Your Voice Against Racism!

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Mon Jan 26 17:59:01 PST 2009

Subject: Western MA needs your help to continue the struggle for Racial Justice

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Dear Friends, 
On February 3, 2008 Jason Vassell, an African-American student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was the victim of a racist hate crime (see attached for background).  He has been further victimized by a racist prosecution.  We, a coalition of community organizations, students and faculty, seek solidarity in challenging this racist prosecution.
The following are updates on the case as well as the grassroots movement. Please read this and stay updated by going to our website at www.justiceforjason.org  Thank you for your continued support for Jason.  
On Monday, December 29th, Jason Vassell's defense submitted a motion to dismiss Vassell's indictment, No. 08-56, "on the ground that the defendant has been selectively prosecuted because of his race, in violation of the rights guaranteed him by the Sixth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and Articles I and XII of the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights." Click here to read the motion : http://www.justiceforjason.org/motion  
February 3rd 2009 marks ONE YEAR that Jason has been victim of a racist hate crime and a horrific racist prosecution. As the prosecution continues its violent attack on Jason's life, we are calling on people throughout the region to join us for a DAY OF SHAME.
MARCH WITH US ON TUESDAY FEB 3 FOR THE DAY SHAME (for details click here: http://www.justiceforjason.org/dayofshame) Meet us outside Mackimmie Dorm (Southwest) UMASS at 11:30AM
CAN'T MARCH? JOIN US IN A CALL-IN DAY TO THE DA'S OFFICE or do BOTH (for details click here: http://www.justiceforjason.org/feb-3-national-call-in-day)
HELP US GET PETITION SIGNATURES-if you've already signed it, encourage 5-10+ of your friends to sign. Please help us get 10,000 signatures before Feb.3rd. Forward this link to as many people as possible http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/J4JDismissalofcharges/
Interested in working towards our national campaign? Have national contacts i.e. organizations, friends, family, or coworkers in other states?  If you want to help continue raising awareness and mobilizing support for Jason please get in touch with us at mobilizingforjason at gmail.com. 
Our website is constantly being updated and has recently been improved. Please visit it for more updates on the case and upcoming events: www.justiceforjason.org  
Thank You again for your support.
In strength,
The Committee for Justice for Jason 
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